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Posted: 2nd June 2014

June Is Bustin' Out

Frances Benjamin Johnston surrounded by curious children. It's June, folks. Summertime in the northern hemisphere of this planet. Cooler down south, where our antipodean friends are. Here, we're still rejoicing in flowers a-plenty. Some are in this issue, h2g2ers, for the enjoyment of. But even if you've explored the garden, don't put your cameras away. As Ms Frances Benjamin Johnston is here to remind you, there are still lots of moments to capture. And find in your archives, too: Ms Johnston was a pioneer photographer who left her collection to the Library of Congress, our go-to place for the past. You'll see another historical shutterbug in these pages, Carol M Highsmith, also a big contributor to the Library of Congress. Why do we mention this? Because, of course, the Create Challenge for June is to write about the 20th Century. And how better to illustrate that exotic century by looking through the world's photo albums? Let your google fingers do the walking, and get some glimpses of the past in all its glory and absurdity.

What do you remember about the 20th Century? Freewayriding starts us off with a story of his own. Let him inspire you. Speaking of inspiration, Willem wants to give you a writing prompt that will surely tickle your fancy and start your typing fingers twitching. Find it under 'Writing Right Special' here.

Art? Have we got art? Were there potatoes in the Garden of Eden? Actually, we're not sure, but our artists have been speculating about that – and some guy named Bellerophon, and a marshmallow roast…the aliens are viewing Kilimanjaro…let's face it, we're differently mentated around here.

Speaking of mental cases, Awix has been watching the X-Men again, and tells us about it. Occasionally, somebody around here throws in a sane note, so please read Ben's column. Otherwise, keep your balance as best you can. It's a wild ride, what with all the history and weirdness and beauty…especially those cool birds..

So enjoy. Leave a comment or two. And get to work on your next submission to the Post or Edited Guide.

And may the first week of June bring you good things!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Longtailed Widowbird by Willem
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  • Dog rose by Tavaron.



  • Bellerophon's marshmallow roast.
  • Potatoes in Eden.


  • A worker applies an Amtrak logo.
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