May Create: Tav's Garden, Part 3

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These photos were taken during a walk in the fields and therefore show what currently is in bloom there. The first photos shows a bush of dog roses. We have lots of huge bushes of them here, people also have them in gardens - at least my parents do. Most of the wild ones seem to be pale pink, but there are also other colors. I really like them. In autumn they bear small red fruit which can be used for making jam or as hot drinks. Additionally - as every child here knows - the seeds inside of the fruit itch terribly if you put them into other people's t-shirts.


Locust trees are also very common here, their blooms have a very good smell but they grow like weeds. If you have them in your garden once you'll never get rid of them anymore, the roots will always grow new saplings. This can a problem in some areas, because these trees are not native in Europe and it's hard to get them out of places where they are not wanted - like national parks.


The elder trees are in bloom, too. We have plenty of them and many people go out to harvest their flowers. They make syrup, liqueur and jelly from them. Elder blooms are not really my taste, but many people are very fond of them. The whole bunches of blooms can also be dipped into batter and fried, then sprinkled with sugar. It's one of the typical sweet dishes we have here. The berries can be used, too, of course. For making jam, for instance.


On my last picture you see what grows at the edges of many fields: poppy and daisies. I think they look very pretty together. Poppies are also grown in fields in a region a bit further to the north. We use it in many dishes like cakes and dumplings, but it is also a common ingredient for various bakery products.

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