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A chatty budgerigar with a book called 'How to Speak to Humans'.

Venerable Researchers

Someone else I've known so long that I don't know how long it's been!

Please welcome Baron Grim.

When did you join h2g2?

9 September, 1999

Same day as Santra!

How did you hear of/find h2g2?

I signed up with the Digital Village for news on DNA's video game, Starship Titanic. They sent me an enigmatic email that led me here.

Why did you join h2g2?

I was/am a huge fan of Douglas Adams.

Did you jump right in, or did you lurk awhile first?

I lurked for a few months, then read an entry on traffic jams and posted my thoughts.

Have you written an Edited Entry?


How many?

Two on my own. One with Farlander and a couple others I've contributed to.

What was your first Entry?

Pentominoes - A Puzzle

What is your favorite Entry (of the ones you've written)?

Alan Smithee - A Director (of sorts)

What is your favorite Entry by someone else?

I don't really have a single favorite, but this is the one I've recommended most often.

Do you belong to/have you started any clubs/societies/what-have-you on h2g2?


Is that/are those club(s)/society(ies)/what-have-you(s) still active?

Some are, some aren't.

Have you held any volunteer positions in the past?


Are you a current volunteer?


Which elvised researcher do you miss most?

Again, hard to pick just one, but Footbacon was a lot of fun when she was around here.

Have you been an elvised researcher?

Not really. I did take a brief hiatus just after I joined and ended up missing the whole Rupert thing, and also... Wait, could I change my last answer? smiley - evilgrin

What brought you back?

Oh, I just remembered to come back. It really wasn't a matter of Elvising, rather just an extended period of distraction.

Have you been known by other names on h2g2 (not necessarily other accounts)?

Yep. Up until the Rebirth. I was known as Count Zero all through the Auntie Beeb years.

And it took me quite a while to remember to type BG instead of CZ! It may've taken some time for me to realize BG=CZ, as well.

Is there anything from h2g2's past that you miss?


Is there anything from h2g2's past that you wish you hadn't witnessed?

I could have done without all the drama surrounding Lord Wolfden. He was very disruptive. I felt that many people let his physical frailty excuse some rather inconsiderate behavior. I also believe he relied on people doing so. I really wish he hadn't caused so much animosity among the community.

On the other hand, I hadn't even heard of him until after his final suspension.

What aspect of current h2g2 do you wish had been extant when you joined?

Oh, I don't wish for things, especially things in the past. There is only NOW.

Have you been to any meets, of any size, whether "official" or not (meet=over a dozen, minimeet=6-12, micromeet=less than a half dozen)?


If you've never been to a meet, why not?

Distance. I live in Texas. But when I do eventually make it over the pond, I'll be sure let folks know I'm coming so I can at least meet up with a few fellow researchers. (I'm planning a trip to Scotland/Edinburgh this Summer1.)

Am I asking too many questions?

Too many for me to answer while I sip a few ales at the pub, so I had to finish answering this a few days later.

And it finally got posted months later.

Is this getting annoying?

Not at all.

How about now?

There is only now.

If I were to give you a mufflewhump, what would it turn into, keeping in mind that they can't turn into anything sapient nor anything that can act against the giver's (ie, my) interest, and that they only work on h2g2?

I'd keep it in pristine condition.

Oo, very smiley - zen. You'd have to not want or need anythingsmiley - bigeyes

Or just not touch it.

Had you even heard of mufflewhumps before the previous question?

Yes, but I'd never seen them in action.

Have I given you one before?

Not intentionally.

Did you know me before this interview?

Of course. smiley - biggrin

Do you have a question for me (fair's fair, after all) (not one answered on my PS)?

If I was taking a survey I'd ask, "What do you think?"

About what?

Thank you, Baron!

Next time, we'll be hearing from Argon0.

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1Written in April 2013. According to a certain journal, Summer of 2014 may have been meantsmiley - winkeye

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