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Posted: 10th February 2014

Exploring the Strange and Beautiful

Fall Creek Fallsl in Tennessee. Don't you love to explore? Whether your mousefinger is poised over a selection of yummy factoids in the Library of Congress, or you're actually hiding in the bushes, waiting for that cedar waxwing to come into your binoculared view, you're exploring. In search of the strange and beautiful. Like that waterfall. It's an old picture, but a good one. Besides, the water's still rushing like that. Can you imagine being the first person to see that? Of course, if you were the first person to see that, you'd have been wearing buckskins and carrying a spear – and the internet wouldn't even have been a gleam in your eye. You would not have been thinking, 'Oh, I have to tweet this immediately'. What you would have been thinking is more like, 'I wonder if I caught anything in those traps?' But life goes on.

After the disappointing performance of the Ground Hog last week – Phil's threatened us with six more weeks of winter – we figure we might as well enjoy indoor sport here in the northern hemisphere. Awix has another film, benjaminpmoore's been to an affair, and Amy's been talking to Baron Grim.

Down in the warmer part of the globe, Rod's still working away, and we're watching his project unfold. Willem's got news about a bird, and just about the oddest plant yet. It's an onion, and it's preggers.

The February Create Challenge is bearing fruit of the non-onion variety. Pebblederook starts us off. Have you done your bit for science and/or scifi yet? Get to work!

The Duck's being strange, if not beautiful. The Oddity reminds us to clean out the car boot. And, just in case you haven't explored enough, our Post quiz will test your knowledge of the first contact situation. That's almost science fiction, though we're talking about historical first contacts…

So read, and talk to the contributors. Enjoy your week, and may the rain stay out of your way.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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  • Pregnant onion.



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  • Samurai duck.


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