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Get your veggies here.

Vegetables in the Edited Guide: Answers

Three courgettes / zucchini of different colours

According to the Edited Guide, Popeye hated spinach. He ate it anyway – but, also according to the Guide, he should have eaten it raw, not tinned. Raw spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also makes a very nice salad.

You can find all sorts of titbits like that in the Edited Guide. Not only that, but there are recipes to help you get the most out of your garden bounty.

Check your quiz answers here.

Celery5th Doctor's fave.
BeetrootBeta vulgaris.
BroccoliFrom Latin braccium.
RadishRed-skinned edible root.
Yuca'Boring', turniplike
root vegetable.
Butternut squashAussies call it
a pumpkin.
CourgetteAka zucchini.
CabbageUsed to make Sarmale.
SpinachContains tryptophan.
AsparagusRoman aphrodisiac.

How well did you do? Do you think you could keep up a conversation with Mrs Obama on the subject of nutritious veggies? Try these out on your garden club next meeting.

Didn't see your favourite vegetable or recipe? Check out the Edited Guide. You may have something to teach us.

Some beetroot.
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