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Made in the UK Answers

A Foor Packet Label showing Brain's Faggots.

The first question asked when students of English as Foreign Language get together is, 'You eat WHAT?'

Matching the product to its fact.

  1. 'Deceptively like crude oil in appearance.'
  2. Originally called 'Johnston's Fluid Beef'.
  3. One of those 'patent concoctions emerging from the dark satanic grime of the Industrial Revolution.'
  4. Also known as 'mother's ruin'.
  5. Connected in myth to Mary, Queen of Scots.
  6. What's in it 'is a subject possibly best left unresearched.'
  7. Named by 'drunken sailors'.
  8. This Australian favourite is 'possibly the most disgusting semi-edible bread spread in the world.'
  9. Invented by the landlord of an oyster bar in London's financial district.
  10. Invented by Heinz, but popular in the UK as 'the world's first socialist sauce.'
  1. Marmite.
  2. Bovril.
  3. HP Sauce.
  4. Old Tom's Gin.
  5. Orange marmalade.
  6. Brain's Faggots.
  7. Pusser's Rum.
  8. Vegemite.
  9. Pimm's No 1.
  10. Salad cream.

If you knew them all, you should probably see your nutritionist. Share this quiz with your friends. The ones who don't watch the cooking shows.

Don't see your favourite drink/horrible condiment in the Guide? What are you waiting for? Tell everybody about it.

PS. My fellow North Americans: I cannot make a quiz of this magnitude about our pop cuisine from the Edited Guide. You know why. Get out there and write annoying Guide Entries about cracker jack, pronto pups, and the joys of the Waffle House.

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