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Posted: 6th May 2013

Well, It's Different

A unicorn on a unicycle.

A lot of people around here are dusting confetti out of their hair(s). The reason? Last weekend, h2g2 celebrated its 14th birthday in style. In internet years, that's practically geological time. We understand that Elton was invited to a lot of parties, so we'll expect to see the paparazzi photos any time now – hey, wait, here they are to enjoy. We also expect h2g2's favourite hamster to go on a diet after all that bingeing. We notice he's been napping.

The h2g2 Post, itself a fairly independent (and nuttier than nutty) arm of this whole enterprise, saluted the mother ship last week, and will continue to do so. Amy Pawloski rolls out her first interview with a Venerable Researcher this week. Venerable Researchers can argue with Amy about how old this makes them feel. The rest of us will read it for the juicy anecdotes.

The Post also observes the effect – hopefully lasting – of the anniversary on h2g2 writers and editors. Remember, as much as you like to fling virtual flan at one another and sip virtual drinks, the avowed purpose of this website is to continue producing the Edited Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything (Earth Edition). At least three people have told me they have been inspired this week to write new Guide Entries. Go and do likewise. Share your wisdom and insight.

New people heard the noise and came to join in. Notice them, and make them feel welcome. Don't tell them everything about 2legs yet. Give them a chance to like us first. Offer a helping hand with the seeking, and finding, and writing. Welcome, you new folk! You don't have to be mad to participate, but it does help. And if you've got a story to tell, or some poetry, art, or photography to share, our mail address is below.

What do we have for you this week? Well, we're different. Willem draws the real and the imaginary, guess which is which. There's a cool poem to go with that. We've got cinema, as usual, and thoughtful Stuff, as usual, and nonsense by me, as usual. Test your knowledge of The Guide's store of conspiracy-theory info, and marvel at the ways people celebrate the coming of May. Oh, and find out whose bottom Bluebottle wants to slap. (Down, 2legs!) Hint: it has something to do with bicycles. We wonder how he feels about unicycles. . .

See? It all makes sense somehow. Have a great week, h2g2! Keep reading, keep commenting, keep writing!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • A unicorn on a unicycle.
  • Dassie Rat  by Willem




  • Spring crows the Queen of the May.
  • Even the Doctor loves spring in England

  • Game.
  • A cycle lane.





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