Apocalypses, Then and Now: Answers

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Are you ready for the End of the World?

Apocalypses, Then and Now: Answers

All of these answers were available in the Edited Guide. Have we got your back, or what?

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  1. There are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their horses are red, white, black, and. . .
    Green. Find out why, in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  2. What probably caused the apocalyptic scare in New England in 1780?
    A forest fire in Canada. Read Darkness over New England: The Apocalyptic Scare of 1780.
  3. Why did 100,000 people refer to 1844 as 'The Great Disappointment'?
    William Miller's prediction failed to come true. You can find out about this millennial prophecy in Seventh-day Adventism.
  4. Who did 18th-century pamphleteer James Bicheno claim was the Beast of Revelation?
    Louis XIV. Check out the numerologists in Early American Millennial Eschatology – 18th Century Views of the End of the World.
  5. What apocalypse did humans fear in 1999 that never materialised?
    Worldwide computer failure. Do you remember The Millennium Bug Crisis?
  6. Why doesn't German researcher Herbert Illig fear the End of the World in 2012?
    He believes it's really 1715. Illig is a proponent of the Phantom Time Hypothesis.
  7. What is the 1979 film Apocalypse Now based on?
    A novel by Joseph Conrad. The novel's called Heart of Darkness, and the filmmaker was Francis Ford Coppola.
  8. What does magnetic pole reversal have in common with an asteroid colliding with the Earth?
    They are both possible extinction level events. We said possible. We didn't say likely. Check it out at Extinction Level Events.
  9. Who was Arthur Dent?
    A 16th-century Puritan. Ha-ha, gotcha. Don't believe us? Read Arthur Dent and 'The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven'.
  10. According to the Mayan calendar, when did the world come into existence?
    13 August, 3114 BC. We think they make these dates up. It was really a stardate. But hey, you can read all about it at Mayan Calendar System.

Did you get them all right? If not, be very afraid. Be sure to load up on bottled beer and emergency packs of peanuts, and get your electronic thumbs and towels ready.

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An 18th-century American preacher tells of the end of the world.
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