Quote of The Day Review: June 2012

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Your QotD Archivist is back with the month's quotable quotes.

June's Quotes

An interrobang, a combination of question and exclamation marks.

It's been another good month in Quote of The Day. The warning I gave to the top three last month about that chasing pack turned out to be troublingly accurate. The breakout chaser could have been half of another double attribution too, but, demonstrating once more that this is a very friendly competition, they declined to do so in favour of the other Quotee.

What's New?

Let's look at that second double Quoting first. It occurred on the 13th of the month, and came from two successive posts in Vestboy's journal about his upcoming visit to America (from which he has since returned). The fist post was Icy North's, and he admonished Vestboy "And no standing Monroe-like on one of those air vents...", with Vestboy's response being "Well you've ruined the whole trip now!". And if that Quote existed in isolation I'd be perfectly happy to attribute the point for the Quote to the pairing of Icy North & Vestboy, but this Quote provided an added complication. Icy's half of the Quote had already appeared on the previous day, the 12th, and so he had already been given a whole point for it. Should he now have a half share in another point for the same post? Especially as, it turned out, the previous day's Quote was an administrative error, and it should have been the double Quote, which means, by rights, Icy shouldn't have had that full point in the first place. Icy neatly cut through all these problems like a modern-day Alexander slicing the Gordian Knot by suggesting that Vestboy have the whole point for the 13th. This does mean that the two double Quotes have now been attributed in two different ways, but we're all sufficiently intelligent to be able to host two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Aren't we?

This month's new Quotees are: Nosebagbadger, Phoenician Trader, AlwaysLunchtimeSomewhere, F F Churchton, jack white, Pierce The Pirate, kipperonthefloor, Bel, Mistadrong, h2g2 Communications1 , and TriG. Eleven new Quotees proving, even as we reach the year's half-way point, that there's still room for more researchers.

The fora making their first appearance this year: h2g2 Communications' journal, Captain Malcolm Reynolds's message centre, Pierce The Pirate's journal, Duck Tails: Punk Ducks, Icy North's Journal. An interesting development this month is that, for the first month this year, the number of Quotes from Ask h2g2 was outnumbered by the number of Quotes from other fora.

Changing Places

One thing that can clearly be seen when you look at June's leaderboard is that QotD does not, mostly, play favourites. Okay, yes, some get more Quotes to their name then others, but on the whole it's a very fair game. Out of the 30 Quotes this month, Icy North got 3, Gnomon got 2, and all the other Quotees stand on one Quote each. So, though ~jwf~ is in third place, he's only there by virtue of his wings, having gained no more Quotes than Z at the bottom of the board.

Those 3 Quotes from Icy had a potentially game-changing effect on the overall leaderboard, though. He started the month in the chasing pack on 5 points, and with his first Quote in June drew level with Hoovooloo on 6. That controversial Quote on the 12th put him on 7 and displaced Hoo from the top three. Not one to take such things lying down, Hoo clawed his way back with a Quote on the 16th, only to be kicked in the teeth on the 23rd when Icy claimed his 8th Quote, drawing level with Mu Beta in joint second place. At the end of the month the top spots are held by Edward the Bonobo on 11 Quotes, Icy North and Mu Beta on 8 apiece, and Hoovooloo on 7.

Seeing as we have now reached the mid-point of the year, it's possible to compare the 2nd Quarter Standings with the results from the 1st Quarter. And an interesting comparison it does make as the 1st Quarter clearly belonged to Edward the Bonobo with 8 Quotes, but 2legs has owned the 2nd Quarter, only less so, with 6 Quotes to his name. Incidentally, 2legs doesn't appear in the 1st Quarter list at all. Furthermore, the only researcher in the top five of both quarters is Icy North, and with that consistency he's starting to look a hot tip to be the overall 'winner'. Not that there's a prize, mind you. And everyone that has a Quote is a winner. But you see what I mean.

Quote of the Month?

Again, I must emphasize that I am no arbiter of quality. I once bought a copy of Trouble by Shampoo because I thought it was hilariously ironic. I'm still not sure it wasn't. All the month's Quotes are safely archived, so you can easily decide for yourself. But three Quotes do jump out to me as indicative of humanity's ongoing battle with technology, and I can't decide between them. There's Icy's Quote from the 3rd:

Help! My DNS is DOA.

I'm not sure if DHCP is flapping, or whether the GPO's disappeared up its own ADFS. I've tried a Fiddler proxy trace, but I've had no joy since my LUNs were RAIDed.

Any ideas?

2legs' Quote from the 18th:

I put in more spelling mistakes earlier, adding in stuff, when I've added in some more, and its pretty much got everythign in again, I'll ruin it shrew a smell chequer...

And Pierce the Pirate's Quote from the 20th:

I'm so desperate I'm actually considering reading the manual smiley - erm

So keep up the good work Researchers, be interesting, be witty, and be Quotable. And if you find something that you think is Quotable, then email it to [email protected], providing the Quote, a link to the post it comes from, and the Quoted researcher's details. QotD is a mill that continually needs grist.

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1Arguably this should be Happy Nerd, though the Quote was posted on the h2g2 Comms account. If HN wants to claim the Quote for herself, she still can. There isn't a statute of limitations on Quotes as far as I'm aware.

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