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Posted: 30th July 2012

Who? Where? What? How? Why?

The White City Stadium in Shepherd's Bush, London, built to host the 1908 London OlympicsNo, that's not the new London Olympic venue. It's the stadium built for the 1908 London Olympics. While you're watching the festivities and contests, whether electronically or (lucky you!) right there, you can log onto h2g2 for background information, historical titbits1, and fun discussion of ongoing events.

That you can do this is thanks to your fellow Researchers and the Guide. We may take the Guide for granted at times, but with over 10,000 Entries and growing, it's your home-away-from-home for the most interesting information about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Create's Challenge Extra is designed to show you how YOU, too, can help expand the Guide. To that end, we're challenging you with a new Post Quiz to test your Guide knowledge, and offering a few writing tips as we go along.

Our contributors may not win medals, but they deserve them. (We're just cheap.) In this issue, Post Reporters boldly go out and get the stories, then come back and share. Vicariously attend the Dublin Meet, stand in the wilds of South Africa, and revisit Calum's Road. Witness the thrill of kayaking victory – and the agony (or ecstasy) of sneezing. Find out what's inside St Mungo's and what's outside our atmosphere.

In short, be entertained. Learn, enjoy, write comments. Then get inspired, go out and find, and Send More Stuff. Till next week!

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1There! I said it, Elektra.2Shagbark wasn't born then.

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