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Challenge Extra (July-Sept 2012)

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We have two supplementary Challenges, beginning this month, that will co-exist alongside the July Challenge and that will also overlap with those for the upcoming months of August and September.

Our two new Challenges are:

Illustrating an 'Old' Edited Entry

Some of our previously published Edited Entries are now un-illustrated; this is because we lost some1 of our images when we left the BBC. Some Entries did not have illustrations made for them in the first place. If this has happened to one of your own Entries, you may be in a wonderful position to take a photograph of the subject matter, and simply send it into the Artists for their approval. Even if the Entry is not one of your own, please consider entering this ongoing challenge. For the next three months we are awarding a Create badge for any image, accepted by the Artists, used with an existing Entry. If you are a good photographer, you may even wish to consider joining the Artists' volunteer team, but for now we are looking for individual photographs as a one-off contribution to the site.

We have all sorts of things to take photographs of, such as:

The best advice is to search for subjects that appeal to you, and find out which Entry needs an image. We have lots of Entries about places, sports and history that could be much improved with a relevant photograph2. You may also find this list of Entries needing illustrations, prepared by the Artists, to be really helpful.

How to Take Part

Sorry if this is a list of negative instructions, but it is meant to save you disappointment. If you send in a beautifully constructed photograph that we're not able to use, you may wonder why we didn't warn you in advanceā€¦

  • The photograph must belong to you, we cannot use photographs that are someone else's copyright material.
  • Make sure your subject is clear, in focus and without unnecessary background or foreground detail.
  • Do not include people3, unless they are essential to the subject, and have your consent to be photographed.
  • Do not take photographs in places where permission is needed before your photo can be used for publication; cathedrals and museums may have such restrictions.
  • Do not photograph packaging that includes brand names, unless you're photographing the subject of the Entry itself, eg: Marmite.

Send the best quality photograph you have, by email, to [email protected] and make sure you include the A number of the Entry and its title along with the photograph. Also, we will need your h2g2 user name (nickname) and U number. Please let us know to expect your submission by dropping a note to the conversation at the bottom of this Entry.

Rescuing an Entry from the Flea Market

This is a really good challenge, as there are hundreds of abandoned Entries in the Flea Market. Some of our Create volunteers have already earned themselves Scavenger badges, because they have kindly revived neglected Entries - bringing them back to life and sending them through Peer Review and into the Edited Guide.

To successfully earn yourself a Create badge for this challenge you need only rescue one Entry, rewrite it and bring it up to standard, submit it to Peer Review and let us know when it has been selected for sub-editing. To make your life a little easier we've highlighted4 a few Entries that we'd like to see back in Peer Review, so it may be a case of first come, first served. Don't be greedy and snatch the whole lot!

Of course, once you've submitted one Entry into Peer Review, you would be most welcome to take another and continue the process. Five rescued Entries gives you a proper Scavenger's contributor badge for your Personal Space, as well as the Create badge for an individual Entry.

Instructions on how to rescue an Entry are fairly simple to follow - you can read these at the Flea Market page itself. Any queries, do please ask. We are also enlisting the help of Matt in this project. Matt was one of the Researchers that were the driving force behind the institution of the original Scavenger scheme, and we're delighted to have his support. He is more than happy to answer questions too, just pop by his Personal Space and leave him a message

Don't forget to let us know that you're taking part in this Challenge, by posting a comment to the relevant thread below.

1Getty images.2If you happen to be artistic, you may wish to make some art in any other medium that appeals to you. We welcome all creative contributions.3Images of children in particular.4Please read the conversations threads attached to the Entries in the Flea Market.

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