The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 3

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Okay. You people seem to like this sort of thing. There's no disputing about tastes. So you get more of it.

Actually, the whole thing was a piece of japery put together by Jabberwock and friends. Call 'em brilliant. Call 'em erudite. I call 'em nuts. Feel free to join in the madness.

The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 3

PS And of course, you may add your nonsense to the mix. Post below, or join the thread.

Books to help you understand Flaubert's Parrot

  1. Getting Away With Ms. D. Meenor
  2. How the West Was Lost…The Memoirs of ..General Con' Fu Shan
  3. My Struggle with Noisy Adam Nuisance
  4. "I Will Achieve!"..A collaborative work by.....A Mann with A Mishun
  5. The Wes' Datgonn
  6. Give it Lester Count
  7. How To Get So Much Money You Can No Longer Count Rich S Croesus
  8. Decision-Making Made Drew Lotz
  9. The Great Wes' Egon
  10. Who Dunnit? Cliff Hanger
  11. No Turning Juan Waystreet
  12. Conflict and its Warren Peece
  13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Eve Ning
  14. Man Eileen Dover
  15. The Crooked Juan Isaiah
  16. The Jealous Other Anne Gerr
  17. Fishing on the Dark Side of the Darth Wader
  18. The Almanac of Woods and Theresa Green
  19. You're Nicked! The Memoirs of an Ace P.C. Plodd
  20. On The Annie Oldiron
  21. So You're Dead Already! What Comes Lars Willen Testament
  22. Learn How to Dodge the J. Walker
  23. Reunion after All These Ben A Longtime
  24. Stop It At Once! A Guide to Good I.M. Warning-Yew

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