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National Cycle Route 23: Part 1 - Introduction | National Cycle Route 23: Part 2 - Sandown to East Cowes, Isle of Wight |National Cycle Route 23: Part 3 - Southampton to Eastleigh, Hampshire | National Cycle Route 23: Part 4 - Eastleigh to Alresford, Hampshire via Winchester | National Cycle Route 23: Part 5 - Alresford to Basingstoke, Hampshire | National Cycle Route 23: Part 6 - Basingstoke, Hampshire to Reading, Berkshire
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  • Project Name: National Cycle Route 23
  • Field Researcher:  Bluebottle
  • Assisted By:  The Fish
  • Faculty: Faculty Of Sport and Leisure
  • Start Date: August 2011
  • End Date: May 2012
  • Assisting Sub-editor:  Gnomon

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As the author I plan to make a copy of the entire project for their own safe-keeping. This is because it is the project pages themselves that are subbed (not copies, as is the case for Edited Entries), so in the unlikely event of the Sub accidentally deleting a page, I have a back-up.

The Story Behind The Article

In 1980 Bluebottle was born in St Mary's Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight. He lived in Cowes, Isle of Wight for over a year before moving to Sandown. Whilst living in Sandown he met The Fish, who while 5 years old was on holiday in Sandown, taking a break from living in Reading.

After a couple of decades in Sandown, Bluebottle went to University in Southampton, and1 after getting his degree lived in East Cowes on the Island before moving to Southampton in Hampshire, and from there to Eastleigh.

National Cycle Route 23 links all these towns - from Sandown to Newport, Cowes, East Cowes, Southampton, Eastleigh and on to Reading. Therefore Bluebottle could not resist cycling this, and who better to accompany him on this journey than The Fish, who once worked in a Reading bike shop?

Bluebottle also commutes 8 miles between Eastleigh and Southampton along National Cycle Route 23 each day.

We completed this route in two bike rides. The first one was from Eastleigh to Sandown and back on a warm day in Summer 2011. We then cycled direct from Eastleigh to Reading in Spring 2012, when it rained non-stop, and The Fish ended up quite ill afterwards.

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Previous Project Experience

Here is a list of Bluebottle's previous University projects:

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Was that any help whatsover? Am I trying to show off? Or wanted to list them all generally somewhere and thought that this was as good a place as any? You decide!

National Cycle Route 23: Part 1 - Introduction
1After a short, irrelevant break in Leeds.

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