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Post Team

Put 'em here, folks.

My Showcase Nominations

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

I look forward to seeing quite a few A-numbers
posted here so I can read some good stuff.

Dimitri has a good one in last week's Post
which employs a fine metaphorical device about
Black and White - but I wonder if the Post is
already sufficient exposure for a fairly high-
brow entry on mid-20th cultural change.

It does require some pre-requisite knowledge of
USA culture and history, some familiarity with
the Golden Age of television and an appreciation
for subtle Literary devices applied to a grosser
medium. So, this is not a nomination just a hearty
reading recommendation for anyone interested in how
TV changed the whirled in the Age of the Atomic Cafe.

smiley - ok

My Showcase Nominations

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Gnomon - time to move on

Here are my nominations.

From the Edited Guide:

A1049979 Titivillus - the Typo Demon (Bels)

From the Underguide:

A33380994 Imperator (Laconian)


A83911205 How Tight is your Tin-foil Hat? (Dmitri Gheorgheni)

My Showcase Nominations

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My nominations:

The Underguide
"The Suitcase" by Dmitri Gheorgheni A37706213

The Edited Guide
"Winter Birds of the Niagara Gorge" - by Langsandy A30081700

"After Flixborough" in the Post - by Pinniped A2728505

My Showcase Nominations

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aka Bel - A87832164

It's really difficult, there's such a wealth of well written entries.

I am therefore nominating A39426465 Constellations: Horologium 'the Pendulum Clock by Galaxy Babe. It is certainly written in a way that it appeals to a lot of people. I've never been interested a lot in astronomy, but she wrote them in a way that everybody can enjoy and understand them.

My Showcase Nominations

Post 6

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

From The Post


The Wheelie Bin That Played Chopin for a Minute, by Pheroneus U186787

From the UG:

A20283572, Moroccan Gins,by PedanticBarSteward U1618943

From the Edited Guide:

A9998653, Essex Men Who Built the United States: Part Five - Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, by the_jon_m U204330

Nominations from Elektragheorgheni U14668388

My Showcase Nominations

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LL Waz

A8699836 'Journey to Port Nolloth' by Delicia - The world's acutest kitten. It's not that it's an all-time personal favourite, but it's in my top 50, I like it very much, and I reckon it's a good showcase candidate.

It has bright images, is thought provoking, original and personal and apart from a handful of sentences too long for my personal preference I think the word-craft's very good too.


My Showcase Nominations

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aka Bel - A87832164

From the h2g2 Post:

A86187612 A Mighty Wind

Great build up of tension, very atmospheric and engaging description of a natural disaster and its consequences.

From the UG:

A3533113 The Cherry Cake

A story I read years ago and that stuck with me all the time. Great storytelling here, too.

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LL Waz

An EG nomination - A505793 Aardvarks

I know what Aardvarks are, but I learnt a lot from this and it's a very enjoyable read at the same time.

My Showcase Nominations

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I stumbled across this this morning, while I was looking up something else. It's very detailed, well written, and interesting.

A46905023 - Who Shelled the Nut? by U123301, LLWaz.

smiley - fairy

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Mrs Zen

This one from the Underguide reduced me to inarticulate envy.

Shashtars and Dhambouras (UG) - A51616028 by Keith Miller yes that Keith Miller U1287143.

I'm thinking about my other two votes.

I assume that it's EG, UG or elsewhere, by the way? There's a journal entry out there I want to vote for.

My Showcase Nominations

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - starI wasn't sure I could pick just one from the EG but one that stuck with me from the first time I read it is A9633260 The Trail of Tears - The Forced Removal of the Cherokee Nation by Dmitri Gheorgheni, and it still brings a lump to my throat.
smiley - starthe Underguide: A12654209 The Pilgrimage - A Short Story by h5ringer.
smiley - starother: A2437337 Mum by GreeboTCat which still makes me smiley - cry

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

My Showcase Nominations

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This is just a note to thank those who have put forward nominations thus far. All nominations are currently being reviewed by our panel.

(just so's you all don't think your nominations are falling into one of h2g2's many black holes smiley - smiley)

My Showcase Nominations

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I'd like to nominate the entire "Tales of Benshasha" series by Pedantic Barsteward - A36763086

My Showcase Nominations

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

I would hope that BoTf (book of the future, and perhaps Get Writing are migrated) and do not have to be nominated AS THERE IS A WEALTH of stuff there that cannot be accessed at the moment by other than whomever last edited it...but will still be, cached or archived..

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