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It is time to select winners in the Saving the Best for Last competition. All h2g2 researchers are exhorted to vote. If you entered the Saving the Best for Last competition, you may vote in any category in which you did not submit an entry. Researchers who didn't enter the competition may vote in every category.

  • Ima Newbie submitted an entry on the care and feeding of pet boa constrictors. Ima may vote in all categories other than Category IV - Novice.
  • Knotta Contestant didn't submit an entry, and may vote in all categories.
  • Prolific Researcher submitted entries in Categories I, II, III, and V. Prolific may vote in Category IV only.

Please send your votes to Be sure to include your researcher name, your U-number, and your selections for each category in which you did not submit an entry. State the name of the researcher and the title or A-number of the entry in each category.


Hello, Comms Team. Here are my votes for the Saving the Best for Last competition.

Category I: DragonBreath, Harvesting and Eating Acorns

Category II: TimeKnitter, My Vacation in Hell (Michigan)

Category III: TimeKnitter, CubliceDweller and PlushToyBunny, The NooHooToo Interpretive Dance video

Category V: CubicleDweller, The Enchilada of Time

Ima Newbie,


Please select your favorites from among the entries your fellow researchers submitted, shown here in the archive for the Saving the Best for Last competition. The deadline to vote for your favorites is 5:00 pm, July 25, 2011. Teams of highly trained badgers and chinchillas will tabulate your the votes, and winners will be announced in the August 1st issue of The Post.

Those who weren't able to submit their entries by this competition's deadline have another opportunity to win. The h2g2 Future Guide Editorial Team is holding a competition for the first entry to be published on the Front Page of the NooHooToo. More details about that competition will be delivered straight to your personal space if you're subscribed to
Announcements from h2g2's Future.

To everyone who entered the Saving the Best for Last competition Thank you .

For your convenience we've put voting links at the bottom of each entry. Should they not open an email, just right-click the link, then 'copy email address' or 'copy link' and put it manually into your email. Post Team.

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