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Our time with the BBC is drawing to a close. At this writing we don't know exactly when, but soon it will be time to bid Auntie Beep goodbye, grasp our towels firmly, and journey to our new home wherever it may be.

In honor of h2g2's ten years with the BBC, The Post announces the Saving The Best For Last contest. We might have said 'writing' contest, but we want to encourage researchers to submit all types of audiovisual as well as written entries.

Theme and Categories

Your entry should address the theme of change in some way. You might look back fondly on the good, old days, navigate a sea of change, or explore new horizons.

The Saving The Best For Last contest has five categories; Factual Writing, Non-factual Writing, Audiovisual, Novice, and Change of Pace.

  1. Factual Writing. Anything that would ordinarily be considered for the Edited Guide falls in this category. Once this contest is over, please consider submitting your entry into the Edited Guide as soon as winners have been announced.

  2. Non-factual Writing. This category includes any type of writing outside the Edited Guide's domain; poetry, fiction, first-person narrative, etc.

  3. Audiovisual. Submit any type of audio-visual content in this category, such as photos, videos, podcasts, illustrations, comics, etc.

  4. Novice. This category is for first-time researchers. If your research does not yet appear in the Edited Guide, UnderGuide, or The Post, now is your chance. Submit your entry in Category 1, 2, or 3 and also here in Category 4. We especially encourage our readers to take the plunge.

  5. Change of Pace Are you a poet who has never before submitted a how-to guide? An Edited Guide researcher who hasn't submitted a haiku or sonnet? A photographer with a secret yen to be an animator or singer? If your work appears in the Edited Guide, UnderGuide, or The Post and you want to try something new, then this category is for you. Submit your entry in Category 1, 2, or 3 and also here in Category 5. State how this entry represents a change of pace for you.


  1. You may submit three solo and three collaborative entries per category.

  2. Entries must be submitted by July 8, 2011, 5pm London time.

  3. All submissions must be newly created, that is, not a resubmission.

  4. Submit your entries to [email protected] and include your researcher name, your U-number, the contest category or categories, and a link to the entry. If you submit an entry in Category 5, be sure to state how the entry represents a change of pace for you. Example: I have submitted fiction and illustrations; this is my first podcast.

  5. Winners will be determined by popular vote. You may vote in every category in which you have not submitted an entry.

  6. No spitting.

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