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H2G2 Researcher Paul H. (Saint) asks, 'Why are you quitting?'

He was reacting to the apparent finality of our 'Farewell Issue'.

With AggGag #42 we figured we'd arrived at the final solution to everything.

We replied that we just thought it was time for us to go.
But then, the most wise Paul asked, 'Go where?'

A most excellent question! smiley - ok For where is there to go?
What bushel might be big enough to hide our collective candle.
Our names are now legend, our reputations made.

And so:

...we who dared to point to the Emperor's nudity, will continue
as the Committee for Alien Content.
and more or less go on snickering openly in our support of
those 'unedited entries' that are often as good or better than the official selection.
smiley - disco Yes, 42 may well be the answer, but we believe there are still questions to be asked.

This week enjoy works by Nyssabird, paulie, Corinth and Paul H. (Saint):
smiley - rose

The Best Sonnets of Paul H. (Saint)

Here is a sample of how his deceivingly 'innocent' style opens
the reader's imagination to a collide-a-scope of possibilities:

Breakfast outside in the sun

'The patio has such a lovely view,'

The mother said, 'of pines and sand and sea.

The sun is out. The sky is cobalt blue.

Come out and have your breakfast here with me.'

The others yawned. The father buttered toast.
The sister poured some coffee in a cup.

The mother turned her gaze upon the coast,
And wondered why the son was not yet up.

The father spooned some eggs into his plate,

And joined his wife outside. The sun was bright.
The daughter said, 'My brother sleeps so late!'

'The coffee's cold,' said mother. 'Serves him right!'

There was no sound but seagulls in the sky,

As clouds and herons gently floated by.
smiley - peacedove
smiley - peacedove

Monumental Arrogance by paulie

Recently in Peer Review, paulie had this to say in defense of her entry:

'Maybe to you it's all just about what gets in the 'edited guide' and whether it follows the guide lines, but to me it's about creating enough interest in the story to bring about more active support from the white community in general.
You may argue that this is not the place to do that, but then I may argue that any place where it may happen is 'the place', and I certainly have the right to try it.'

'What use would be a guide to anything, much less a thing so all inclusive as the universe, if it only took into account those things that could be relayed with hard cold facts? Shouldn't it be useful to all travelers to know that you can not go around with complete disregard for your fellow humans without a huge price to pay?'

smiley - cheers Just as we go to press we discover that paulie's entry has since been selected for 'Editing' under the revised title 'The Sioux Nation and Mount Rushmore' and is destined for Official Edited Guide status.

smiley - love This entry, a new love story by Corinth was Moderated and subsequently Removed by the Editorial Team after much debate and soul searching by all parties. As one of the concerned parties - for this would have been the third Corinth story I have recommended - I had this to say in the end:

'My respect for the Editorial Team is newly enlarged. Their assessment of Corinth's piece is dead on. Yes, it is implicitly erotic if not explicitly erotic and it does make the reader uncomfortable, suggesting as it does the 'possibility' of endorsing 'potentially' underage sex.
It's still 'art' and like 'Lolita', it is a great piece of writing that moves and stirs the inner beast.
It's like the classic French strip tease done with large boa feathers; you can never say you actually saw any real nudity, but the idea was there all along and you have to admit you were looking. smiley - yikes

And so too then, I have to agree with the Editors that the young, the innocent and parents of same who frequent this site must be spared exposure to this particular piece of art in its present form.
It's still great art, it just isn't suitable for this site. It is far too mature.' smiley - winkeye

smiley - towel

So instead, here is an alternative love story. But it is not a happy one. smiley - cry It will break your heart if you can get through it. It is a true story by a young (24) widow with two children who felt love drawing her toward that same oblivion which had created her loss. Warning: This one is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who have never contemplated suicide, have no experience of drug abuse or have not taken at least two university level philosophy courses.

Suicide Narrative: Philosophical Exploration of Suicide Through Creative Non-Fiction by Nyssabird smiley - cuddlesmiley - hug

smiley - monster

Oh, and I'd like to tip my hat to U165408
who recently posted the funniest three line posting I've ever seen. In a thread where someone suggested that priests regard the penis as merely something to pee with, he offered:

'Who designed that anyway? An engineer? Running a toxic waste line through a recreational area?'

On behalf of the Committee for Alien Content,


Hope you will enjoy these selections over the coming days

Watch this space next week for more CAC approved entries.
The Committee has agreed to rotate the Volunteer Editor responsibilites
but what happens after this is anyone's guess, so fingers crossed, eh, wot!

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