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What's going to happen to this?

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As the University is now being shut down. Are we going to have a drive to get this subbed and up on the Front Page as Mina says is possible or are we just going to leave it to rot?

I think this is a good project that has been worked hard on. It shouldn't be let to go to waste.

What's going to happen to this?

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a girl called Ben

Huh? What's this? Uni being shut down? There's nothing like actually telling anyone is there? smiley - grr

I need to speak to GTB and find out if he still wants to sub it, and if he does, I guess we go ahead with it.

Bloody hell - it would have been nice to have been told. smiley - steam


What's going to happen to this?

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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

Aren't you subscribed to the announcements page? A639056

smiley - ant

What's going to happen to this?

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a girl called Ben

Yeah, but I missed it until after Wotchitt posted here.

I am actually only active in two threads on h2g2 at the moment - and not very active in either of those. But a drop-by the U-space of people with Uni Projects on the go would have been courteous, or else an email.


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