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I'm a little unclear, in your word is there any difference between faith and belief? I've read about the FFFF and their phobia about faith but aren't the two completely separate? Or are theynearly the same thing?

Inquiring minds want to know!


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a girl called Ben

For me - and this is an entirely personal view - faith has a religious or spiritual context, and implies room for doubt. Whereas belief has a wider scope, it is more about explaining the world, and implies less room for doubt.

I am writing this badly, and not explaining it well. smiley - erm

The FFFF is better described as "The Freedom from Fundamentalism Forum". I haven't posted there for a long while, but when I was last posting there it included buddhists, humanitarians, wiccans/pagans, and christians in amongst the atheists.

Tell me it hasn't started to include flaming and trolling? It was always a very civilised thread.


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