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"Perhaps A Neverending Poll: Which TV Series Are The Most Popular Amongs The H2G2/LDers And Their Friends?!..."

Not long ago members of the Friends Of LeisureDistrict have
been asked to tell us what their favourite TV series are...

We are now inviting non-LDers to contribute to this project as well...smiley - cool

The names of those who have contributed/voted are under the "entry data" making this a collective work...

If you haven't contributed yet, you can still do so by joining in the "Fellow LDers' Favourite TV Series?!..." Conversation or in a thread at the bottom of this page. Your name and nominations will be then added as soon as possible...

If you already have contributed but forgot to mention some other titles, tell us as indicated above...

Because This Entry/Project Is Being Currently Refurbished There Will Not Be Any Voting Results For A While...smiley - sorry

But Every TV Series Mentioned In This Entry's Convos Will Have A Link To Related Sites/Pages/etc...
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smiley - discoThe Results1:smiley - disco

Main Category

| Air Wolf (%)| Alias (%)| Alien Nation (%)| Ally McBeal (%)| Angel (%)| Bad Girls (%)| Buffy (%)| Cadfael (%)| Captain Scarlet (%)| Charmed (%)| CHiPS (%)| Columbo (%)| Dark Skies (%)| Dead Zone (%)| Doctor Who (%)| Due South (%)| Earth: Final Conflict (%)| Fantasy Island (%)| Farscape (%)| Highlander-The Raven (%)| In Suspicious Circumstances (%)| La Femme Nikita (%)| Law And Order (%)| Malcom In The Middle (%)| Married With Children (%)| Mission: Impossible (%)| Mutant-X (%)| Northern Exposure (%)| Only Fools And Horses| Quantum Leap (%)| Red Dwarf (%)| Phoenix nights (%)|Poirot (%)| Sabrina (%)| Sex And The City (%)| Sherlock Holmes (%)| Stargate-SG1 (%)| Star Trek: DS9 (%)| Star Trek: TNG (%)| Star Trek: Voyager (%)| Sliders (%)| Terrahawks (%)| The A Team (%)| The Avengers (%)| The Champions (%)| The Chronicle (%)| The Flash (%)| The Green Hornet (%)| The Hulk (%)| The Invaders (%)| The Invisible Man (%)| The League Of Gentlemen (%)| The Last Of Summer Time (%) | The Lone Gunmen (%)| The Klangers (%)| The Man From Uncle (%)| The Marc Thomas Comedy Product (%)| The Muppet Show (%)| The New Avengers (%)| The Office (%)| The Outer Limits (%)| The Prisoner (%)| The Time Tunnel (%)| The Twighlight Zone (%)| 24 (%)| Twin Peaks (%)| Ultraviolet (%)| V (%)| Witchblade (%)| Xena (%)| X-Files (%)|

Animated Series

| Batman Of The Future (%)| Batman-The Animated Series (%)| Family Guy (%)| Goku (%)| He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (%)| She-Hulk (%)| She-Ra (%)| Spiderwoman (%)| The Simpsons (%)| Thundercats (%)| X-Men (%)|


| Chateauvallon (%)| Coronation Street (%)| Eastenders (%)| Formula One Hi-Fidelity (%)|

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Deadline For Votes To Be Taken Into Account For The First Update: None Yet...smiley - smiley

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A site you might want to visit: click here to have a look...
It's all about Cult TV Series.

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