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Welcome to this week's Community Column, featuring the best of what you
lot have been up to recently.

h2g2's Third Birthday

Can you believe it? On this Sunday, h2g2 will be 3 years old! The
Editorial Team would like to invite the Community to join them for a glass
of something cold and sparkling in the h2g2
on Friday at 3pm. See you there!

Community Choice

If you have some spare time, here are two ideas for things to do on

  • If you like the idea of graffiti but lack the nerve to decorate a
    wall near you, then you will love h2g2's The
    . Scrawl your message on a brick and see it preserved for

  • If you want to flex your synapses and get your intellect going early
    in the morning, then why not visit h2IQ. With a
    fresh question every morning, you will also have something to taunt your
    colleagues with.

My 5 Favourite Edited Entries

  • I don't know about you but I always loved 'Moonlighting' - The TV Series, so it is nice to see
    an article about it in the Edited Guide. Just reading about it rolls back
    the years...

  • Should you ever consider giving up your current career in order to
    become a doctor, you would do as well to read the entry on How to get into UK Medical School. With an urgent need
    for medics within the NHS, it is as well to be prepared!

  • For a person who suffers from motion sickness on everything from
    buses to lifts, it is a wonder that I love roller coasters as much as I do.
    So with a new entry on Roller Coaster History
    now in the Guide, I am now planning my next trip to Thorpe Park to try out
    Colossus, the only ten loop roller coaster in the world.

  • LEGOmation is the art of animation with
    LEGO! It is an excuse for adults to indulge all their most childlike
    fantasies, while claiming that they are artists and pretending to be Alfred
    Hitchcock, Martin Scorcese or David Lean.

  • With summer coming up, the dieting season has arrived! This
    collaborative entry Healthy Snacks will help.
    The lemon drizzle cake I have just purchased from the canteen, on the other
    hand, won't.

All that and I haven't even mentioned my own little effort; The Omega Workshops.

Ask h2g2

  • With so many budding authors on h2g2, it was about time for a
    discussion on Getting Books
    . This is a great conversation full of interesting
    information, so if you want to be the next Nick Hornby, why not have a

  • Have you ever notice that you only ever make silly spelling errors in
    the most important documents, regardless of whether you spell check them or
    not. Celebrate the art of the typing error with Typos, the Greatest Hist.

  • Are the banks fair to their customers? So just why does a cheque take so long to

  • What was your favourite Book as a
    Mine was Elidor by Alan Garner, because it was chilling
    but magical at the same time.

  • Is the IT industry in a slump at the moment? Some friends are finding
    it very difficult to get work, others don't seem to be having a problem at
    all. So Is mise Duncan asks the question 'Should I take a pay cut?'.

If you have any suggestions for items to be included in this column or to
be featured in Abi's Activities, do let me know.


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