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2 August 2010

A tray of lobsters.How to Cook Lobsters - A crash course in the art of enjoying the much-desired crustacean, from fishmonger to dinner table.

The Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes - The story of the beloved entertainment palace that was sadly demolished in 2008.

The Goopy-Bagha Trilogy - The children's tale that was transformed into a box office sensation by Indian movie king Satyajit Ray.

QOTW: eyes are not the only sensitive region of the body that it's worth avoiding … after handling extremely hot chilli peppers

9 August 2010

A view of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Amway Grand Plaza. Picture: Jeffrey FolticeA view of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Amway Grand Plaza. Picture: Jeffrey FolticeGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA - Once known for its furniture, this Grand River city now claims to be the most eco-friendly place in America.

Making Coffee-Flavoured Liqueur - An easy and inexpensive recipe combining that holy trinity of ingredients - caffeine, sugar and alcohol!

Heavy Rain - the Video Game - A ground- breaking game which unfolds like a movie and has an ending altered by the player's actions.

QOTW: 3D glasses can hide a multitude of sins.

16 August 2010

Osborne House on the Isle of WightOsborne House on the Isle of WightOsborne House, Isle of Wight, UK
Queen Victoria's beloved Italianate-style palace is one of the island's best known landmarks

Vending Machine Roulette
You pay your money and you takes your choice - or not in the case of this snack selection game

Roman Construction Methods - The Road
This straight-talking Entry reveals why, from 20 BC, all roads really did lead back to Rome

QOTW: I'm rubbish at lying. Which is why I had to ditch Michelle Pfeiffer.

23 August 2010

The Colourful and Charming Canary - How to choose and care for the brightly plumaged little songbird that is still a perennially popular pet

St George the Martyr's Church, Brentwood - The Essex town's Art Deco 'chapel of ease' was built in 1933 but never officially 'finished'

Bird's Angel Delight - Beloved by Simon Cowell and children of the 1970s, this packet mousse was first whipped up by a Victorian inventor

QOTW: What was that about leather on willow? Bored people kicking trees or something.

24 August 2010


31 August 2010

Two people walking through the magically-lit cave-like structure of a luminariumTwo people walking through the magically-lit cave-like structure of a luminariumLuminaria: Portable Outdoor Art Installations - Luminaria are 'buildings' that create fantastic, other-worldly spaces that stir the imagination

Nuclear Powered Submarine FAQs - A fascinating insight into life in a submarine written by a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer

Gustav Mahler: The Tenth Symphony - The last thing Mahler wrote, left incomplete, but subsequently performed ever since his death

QOTW: I always make pasta from scratch, despite being English.


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