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This is the central planning HQ for the magic kingdom (although it's not really a kingdom - it's more of a world) I want to design. There's an outline, and eventually there will be a page of who's creating what, because I don't want to do it all myself. Just parts of it.

The outline:

The world itself is a massive hollow sphere, also known as a Dyson sphere, with two sides: lightside and darkside. Lightside is located inside the shell, and darkside is outside. The two are connected by a network of caves and two fortresses. Lightside is home to humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, ogres, dragons, etc. and is a nice place. Darkside, however, is the opposite. It is inhabited almost exclusively by demons and other powers of darkness, and is a quite nasty place, although it does have some interesting places.

Magic works in the world. There are many gods and religions. It's a big place, and hasn't been fully explored yet. Any type of creature may inhabit the world.

Everything is based off the Nexus, which is a massive castle floating in a sea of chaos. Nobody knows who the king of the castle is. Portals inside the castle can take you to any of the main locations in the world.

So far, there are five main locations that can be reached via the Nexus. Others can be discovered, as the hub castle is a big place, and has not yet been fully explored.

Main area 1: The Spire and Surroundings

Written by Vidmaster

The spire and its surroundings are going to be written almost exclusively by me, as they are my realm of the world.

Main area 2: The city of Brenath

The city of Brenath is the largest portal-linked city in the world. There are several areas of the city that need to be created: The guilds (fighters, mages, thieves, anything else we might need), the marketplace, the temples, and miscellanious homes for anyone who wishes to live there.

And of course there's the tavern. It's the only one in the linked world, and has had some interesting spacial alteration magic done to it to make it fit all the people. Most villages simply have a portal to the tavern instead of having their own.

Main area 3: The Caves

The caves are home to many things. Numerous groups of monsters populate them, such as goblins and ogres. There are several dragons inhabiting the caves as well.

The main features of the caves are the tower of storms, and the library of the dragon. The tower is a fortress of magical research and other more mysterious things, and is controlled by a race known as the Vorathians.

Main area 4: Lands around the Portal Fortress

The portal fortress is the link between lightside and darkside. It is heavily defended, as it is the only way for demons to reach lightside. The portal emerges in the Chaos fortress, the darkside counterpoint to the portal fortress.

Also near the portal fortress are a swamp and the black tower. The tower is ruined, and has turned into a source of many strange rumours.

Main area 5: Darkside

Darkside is the home to evil and darkness. Demons roam the land, and it is ruled over by the demon prince himself from the citadel of darkness.

There are several areas in darkside: The rift, The city of blood, the valley of tears, the fractal plain, and the citadel of darkness.

The rift is a tear in the fabric of the universe. It is a sea of chaos, with a tower overlooking it. In the center of the rift is an island on which lies the heart of the dark.

The city of blood consists of the tavern, a market, and temples.

The valley of tears is the physical manifestation of sorrow in the world. In it, there is a pool of sorrow, the crying earth, the shrine of memory, and lament.

The fractal plain was once the site of a great battle between darkside and lightside.

The Citadel of Darkness has magical labs, a great hall, several towers, a dungeon, a library, and a throne room.

Who's doing what

Vidmaster is doing the Spire and surroundings, the Valley of Tears, and the Citadel of Darkness

Ex Libris Draconium is doing the caves

Fred Smith is working on the City of Blood

Wizzard is going to do some assorted guilds

Progress so far:

The Nexus is up here.

The City of Blood is coming along nicely here.

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