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An immense stone castle floats on an island in a sea of nothingness. A narrow stone bridge connects the chunk of rock you're standing on to the castle. Turning, you see that the portal that sent you here is gone. You'll have to find some other way back when it's time to leave. For now, the only path leads to the castle. Taking a deep breath, you start across.

The bridge is firm underfoot, and seems to become comfortably wide wherever you step. The castle looms nearer with each pace. Gradually, you are able to pick out details on its face - an arrow slot here, a tower window there. The whole structure is much larger than it appeared from the other end of the bridge. The absence of anything on the skyline makes it very difficult to judge sizes.

At last you reach the far end of the bridge. The gray stone walls rise up several hundred feer into the empty black sky. A cold wind arises out of nowhere, carrying the chill of an absolute void with it. Goosebumps rise on your arms, and the back of your neck tingles. You spin around expecting to see someone there, but there is nothing. Just the featureless bridge leading into the distance. You feel something very large pass overhead, and a faint sense of evil. A hollow laugh echoes all around.

You turn back to the castle, hoping to get inside before whatever it was returns. A pair of large steel doors opens as you approach. Shrugging mentally, because there's no where else to go, you stroll through. The doors close silently behind you.


The room is warm, a refreshing change from the void outside. Torches flicker from the walls, creating a friendly glow. Four suits of armor stand in the corners of the room, each holding a different weapon - a sword and shield to the right of the entrance, a halberd to the left. To the left of the exit, a jeweled bow. To the right, a three-headed flail. They are all silver with blue highlights and trim. A blue carpet leads ahead to another door on the far side of the room. Not noticing anything else of interest, you proceed out the door, further into the castle.

Great Hall

The great hall stretches away, eventually fading into darkness. Tapestries, armour, torches and colums line the walls. The stonework is in perfect condition, yet it reeks of age. There is a very palpable feeling hanging in the air, like the weight of the aeons pressing down all around.

A blue and silver carpet runs down the center of the room, its end also lost in darkness. Not seeing anything else of significant interest, you follow the carpet towards the far end of the room. After a dozen paces, you notice a riased dias in the center of the room. Upon it is what appears to be a pedastal of some sort, although you cannot be sure what is on it at this time. You quicken your pace slightly, feeling intrigued.

At last you come to the dias, and after climbing two steps, you are able to see what is on the pedastal. It is a large leather-bound tome, lying open, with a quill pen and fresh ink also on the pedastal. At the top of the page is written "Please sign the Great Book of Passage, and let your passage to this new world be forever immortalized."

After sigining, you look around again. The entire surface of the dias is a compass design, with blue and silver carpets leading off in each of the cardinal directions.

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