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Moonglum Clampflower (MornC), Muse of Ego, Keeper of the Lamp and Guru, (aka Happinose)

Hey Dude,

What sort of population are we taliking about. I must presume in the millions. You're gonna need to keep everyone fed, so I propose a large flat area called "The Grasslands" which would be beyond the main areas and relatively far away from civilisation. It is here that farmers small and large farm arrable lands and tend to livestock all of which is taken to the great markets in the cities. There are also large areas which have been left to grow wild. These have their own ecosystem of rodents, predators etc. This acts as a natural boundary to a huge forrest (maybe more than one). These forrests would be the atmosphere processors.

Many tales of this could be written. Wadya say?

smiley - cheers

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Vidmaster - A Pebble in the Pond

That sounds cool. There'd be a lot of room for expansion too. Right now, I'm just focusing on one small area.

I think that to be realistic, the population would have to be in the billions, just based on the size of the world. There have to be many other kingdoms besides the one that's linked with all the portals. The Nexus is huge, so there could be dozens of hidden rooms with other portals, etc.

Overall, it's a pretty open ended world. There could even be areas with technology, either modern or futuristic.

Maybe once we finish the current outline, we can start on other areas.

smiley - cheers

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