The City of Blood

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The City of Blood is one of the areas of Darkside, which is inhabited primarily by Humans. There is a relative security to its inhabitants from roaming demons and it seems well defended.

However this is not entirely true. The city is home to many demonic creatures looking for victims. Its walls are mainly there to make sure that no one gets out, at least not without permission.
The city is an important trading place for the black-market and for items that have been taken from the Lightside. People interested in purchasing these goods should visit the marketplace, where most of the trading occurs.

In the same area is a small bookshop, which will sell you the foulest tomes ever, created, if you can afford them. The owner is an accomplished mage who protects his property enthusiastically. It is best not to get him angry.

Towards the centre of the town is Temple Square, an area filled with shrines and temples. It is filled with the smell of burning and a thick smoke. Many of the priesthoods require Human sacrifice and it is wise not to venture into this area unless you are desperate for the help of a priest.

Visiting mortals will not need to watch out for pickpockets, in a place where mortal flesh is a major trading commodity; there are other things to worry about.

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