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Ex Libris Draconium [Taking a vacation from h2g2]

The Dragon's Library is in the caves, deep underground. There are various magical traps and puzzles surrounding it--one must solve them to gain entrance to the Library. The Dragon is human, but spends most of his time with his books in dragon form. See my introduction for one man's experience in the Library.


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Vidmaster - A Pebble in the Pond

Agreed. Do you want to write the whole description, or should I?


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Ex Libris Draconium [Taking a vacation from h2g2]

I can write it. Having said that I will put it off until June, but I will still write it. Until then maybe you should just put (under the caves title) "Among other things, the Caves are home to the great Library of the Dragon." Or something.

By the way, what made you choose a Dyson sphere? I can never quite picture how those things look from the surface. Random thought: have you read Niven's Ringworld? I'm sure you have...

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