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So Long, And Thanks For Laughing

You're So Poor...

A bundle of money which has been chained and padlocked
  • If your father didn't cut holes in your pockets at Christmas, you
    wouldn't have anything to play with.

  • People from the church would run over animals in front of your house to help with food.

  • Beggars give you money.

  • You don't have a pot to p**s in, or a window to throw it out of.

  • Someone saw you kicking a can down the street, and when asked what they were doing you said, "moving".

  • You can't afford to pay attention

  • A guy walked into your house, stepped on a cigarette and your mum yelled, "Who turned off the heat?"

  • Your parents got married for the rice.

  • I saw your mum walking down the street with one shoe, I said, "Hey, you lost a shoe." she said, No, I found one.

  • A set of scales and dollar signs
  • When you asked what was for dinner your mom put her foot on the table and said corn.

  • You live in a 2 story cracker jack box.

  • When someone asks where the bathroom is, your mom says "pick a corner...any corner.

  • You go to KFC and lick other peoples fingers.

  • You buy an imitation of a fake Rolex.

  • Burglars bring things to you.
So Long, And Thanks For Laughing

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