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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

Well, I'm not sure, they told me something along the lines of "If you continue doing this, you minght be considered for banning. would that be officious warnign or close call iw onder?

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If you continue doing what?

smiley - huh

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No, it wasn't an 'officious' warning.
It was two tired italics out of the office on sick leave not happy about having to clear up after someone breaking the House Rules while they are recovering from an operation each.

Complete lack of smiley becoming distressing...

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Martin Harper

Spamming, GTB. smiley - yuk

Nowadays, Official Warnings will always say that they are an Official Warning in the text, to clear up just this kind of confusion. You just got a friendly hint... (or should that be "Friendly Hint"? smiley - winkeye)

Dear me - I must fix that unfortunate typo on our page... smiley - laugh


Complete lack of smiley becoming distressing...

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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man


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