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Posted: 22th March 2010



Burst Bubble

Do you live in a bubble? I do, at least most of the time. Until something happens that makes my bubble burst. When joined h2g2 about seven years ago, I was new to the internet and even new to using a PC. I browsed the site for a while. I liked what I saw. I read the house rules and Terms of Use. I signed up. The community soon felt like home. It felt safe. It still does, which is why I tend to forget that there is nothing like 'safe' on the world wide web. I was reminded of this a few days ago when I browsed the web for my h2g2 user name. I couldn't believe all the hits I got: my journals, various photos... Now Rich is certainly right when he says that this is what the internet is all about: that you can find things/persons, information. And yet, I can't say I feel at ease with that. It's one thing to share my thoughts and photos with the wonderful community of hootoo, but do I want to share it with anybody who accidentally stumbles upon my name while searching for the Star Trek character I based my nickname on. You wouldn't believe how many people aren't aware of the correct spelling of said character. So for now (until I change my mind), I've changed my name to Bel. Most people call me Bel anyway, so it's not a drastic change.

In Post matters, another bubble burst. We had just settled down after Malabarista had left the team, when Terran sent me an email that his PC died and he's working from a laptop. But that wasn't all: he had to find that RL was getting very much in the way of his Post activities, and he felt that he didn't contribute enough to be a full member. Now I don't want to do without his valuable input, so we agreed that he'll remain in the team as a guest editor, helping us if we're in dire straits and contributing as and when. All in all, things aren't too bad in hootooland, and now please enjoy the current issue of the Post.

































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