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Project: Fraser Island

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The project page is A1091422, but details are below. smiley - smiley

Project Title: Fraser Island
Field Researcher: Niwt (U162817)
Start Date: 30th June 2003
Finish Date: 11th August 2003 (these dates can be changed if you're trying to finish up the university)
Assisting Sub Editor: Nobody yet

Pages Currently in Progress:
Tourism on Fraser Island (A1067069)
Fraser Island (not on h2g2 yet)
History of Fraser Island (not on h2g2 yet)
Natural Features of Fraser Island (not on h2g2 yet)
Lakes of Fraser Island (not on h2g2 yet)
Wildlife on Fraser Island (not on h2g2 yet)

I've been thinking about doing this since April last year, but have only just got round to it. If it's too late because you're going to close the University then I guess I'll just turn these into edited entries. I'm afraid I don't know which Department/Faculty it belongs in, sorry. Also I may have made fundamental errors in my project page/this post in which case I'm very sorry.

Niwt smiley - cheers

Project: Fraser Island

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Spelugx the Beige, Wizard, Perl, Thaumatologically Challenged

Hiya Niwt!

The university is still accepting projects for the moment, but the doors will close to new projects on Monday, when Mina will come round and add any new applications to her list of projects.

If you're looking for a subeditor, then leave a message over on the Subeditors Home Page.


Project: Fraser Island

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I now have a sub editor in the form of DogManStar, U183422. smiley - biggrin

Project: Fraser Island

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Great. smiley - smiley

I'll be updating the pages as soon as I can (hopefully this end of this week. smiley - smiley).

Project: Fraser Island

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Does that mean I'm allowed to do this and it will be official or have you slammed down a portcullis? smiley - ermsmiley - smiley

Project: Fraser Island

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As long as you get it written and subbed in the next six weeks you should be in time to get it on the Front Page. smiley - ok

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h2g2 auto-messages

Editorial Note: This conversation has been moved from 'The University Admissions Office' to 'Faculty of Social Sciences'.

Project: Fraser Island - Completed

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Researcher: U162817 – Niwt / .

Project Page: A1091422 - Fraser Island

Edited Entries:
A1067096 - Fraser Island
A1101178 - A History of Fraser Island
A1135900 - Tips for Travellers to Fraser Island
A1135919 - Fraser Island's Tourist Attractions
A1135937 - Lakes of Fraser Island
A1067069 - Tourism on Fraser Island


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