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Entry: Video / Television Standards - A585164
Author: Crazy Man (ACE) - U113940

This article is very concise - just what this guide needs!! smiley - tongueout

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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I would change the title to refer to formats rather than standards.

standards has a bit of a "quality" type feel to it, wheras this is about encoding formats.

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Researcher PSG

As I understand it there is also a difference between the number of lines used between the American standard and the european standard, I think this would be worth mentioning. Also I'm not sure about the frame thing, as I understand it (this is mainly from the www.restoration-team.co.uk article on the Doctor Who TV Movie) when transfering an american show to european format, new frames have to be created by a device between existing frames. How does this fit in if the refresh rate is slower?

These are just some questions the article left me withsmiley - smiley

Researcher PSG

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Researcher 177704

I'm not too familiar with this entry's content, so I won't comment on it at the moment smiley - smiley

Stylewise, some GuideML wouldn't go amiss. Obviously this isn't essential, but the use of the tag would certainly make the entry prettier.

Also, there shouldn't be those spaces on either side of the slash/solidus/virgule in the subject title. The title should read 'Video/Television Standards' to be pedantically correct.

smiley - rocket

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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NAITA (Join ViTAL - A1014625)

Maybe a change in title to reflect the focus on game systems? That or some information on VCRs, DVDs and TV-sets and the fact that they now tend to be capable of handling multiple formats.

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

The whole frame thing works something like this:

In the UK, one second of TV or film consists of 25 frames. Now, 25 frames per second is too slow for the human eye to see a good, consistent picture, so this causes a 'jumpy', flickering feel and look when watching. To combat this, every frame is actually shown twice - this tricks the brain into seeing a much smoother, faster picture. Funnily enough, it's called the 'flicker rate'! smiley - biggrin

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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I loved the read. someting I did so long ago at college.

Here are a few points I came accross:

The word standard is correct! Standatd being a set of agreed specifications.

Quite corectly you talk about PAL being used in various countries, this is correct.
However Goverments have conspired to make it hard to recieve other stations by in the broadcasting system by varying the vision and audio carrier's so a picture may apear there would be no sound if the correct letter is not used. This is where the signel is combined with audio / video as in Tv trannsmiters' or games modulators.

Television Receiver would be a better to use I think as this then eccompases TV's Video's rather than a monitor, which accepts audio / video seperatly.

I hope this a constructive.

smiley - cheers

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Silly I forgot to say what I wanted to smiley - erm

Usefull external link to look at http://www.alkenmrs.com/video/standards.html

Developed in Germany by Dr Bruch, Part of Telfunkun ?
PAL 50hz and 6ohz variants

Part of Telfunkun ?

SECAM (First 1958)
smiley - peacedove

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Is the author of this entry likely to make an appearance and tell us if he wants to make the suggested amendments?

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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The GR Manoeuvre --- a posting a day keeps the reaper away

Doesn't look like it... perhaps a move back to the Entry or the Flea Market?

Caper Plipsmiley - runsmiley - football

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Crazy Man

It shall be done momentarily smiley - winkeye

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Researcher PSG

It's a shame, because this is a good subject for an entry.

Researcher PSG

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Crazy Man

ok, I said it'll be done momentarily....geez....don't get your knickers in a twist, please....

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Could I suggest to move it out of Peer Review for the time being? You can re-submit it whenever you're ready smiley - smiley

The 'remove' link can be found in the PeerReview conversation list next to the line that contains the data about this here thread.

A585164 - Video / Television Standards

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Crazy Man

Oh, ok then smiley - smiley

Sorry if I sounded a bit rude smiley - erm

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