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Hi Everyone

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Hi, I am just new here. But I sort of hit a snag.....
A few user-pages of mine, are due to be "considered
for rejection" but I would surely like any feedback on them

Thanx you all and if I can ever repay you, just holler......smiley - winkeye

Hi Everyone

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Erm, I'm starting to get a little confused about all of this, and just when I thought I was getting the hang of it too. Er, hello to anyone who's listening

Just passing through

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Hello. I'm just passing through here on my way to the next realm of existence. My travel agent said: "Earth is a good place to stop over. 'Mostly Harmless' and alot of open spaces. The locals are a bit unnerving but not dangerous...unless you are a pristine wilderness, a sirloin steak, or a differing opinion." I don't thing I am any of those things so I plan on being around for 72-82 years. I thought that this h2g2 thing looked pretty interesting. Anyone here from Glasgow?????? Right. Anyway, hope to document a few observations while I'm around.

Just passing through

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I was at Glasgow Uni until last year. Fantastic place Glasgow. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Hi Everyone

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Pushkin Wilder

Nice message, Made I Larff.Just Testing stuff really. Nufink to say.

Reviving the dead!

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I dub this thread, "Lazarus", and I like Jesus, shall raise it from the dead, for not other reason that to see what kinds of bugs crawl out from beneath the corpse!

I'm gross that way.

I mean gross in the "gag me with a spoon" kind've way- not gross in the sense of being huge and ponderous. There are parts of me which are huge and ponderous- but we won't go to discussing my belly at the moment.

Bet you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you? You've got a right dirty mind, guv'nor!

For best effect, the continuation of the sentence (the part that says "my belly") should have been on another page to draw out that moment of doubt, of dischord, that moment where you wonder wheather this is at all quite "proper" or not.

Well, I hope it isn't "proper"!

"Propriety" is just another tool of the man- to hold you down. Revel in your impropriety, I say! Make all your posts in the nude! Diddle yourself while you do! Have a beer! Have a smoke! Fart!

Before I go, I have only one thing left to say: mind where you wipe that booger!

da Baron
Mind where you wipe that booger!

Reviving the dead!

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Was someone suffering a boredom attack? You must have searched long and hard to find this thread. Now go and rest your weary head as I'm sure it must be suffering from the strain.

Reviving the dead!

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"Against boredom, even the god's struggle in vain!"- Fred Nietzsche.

I was, I did, and have returned to play some more! smiley - smiley

da Baron
Mind where you wipe that booger! smiley - fish

Just passing through

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Sick Bob. (Most recent incarnation of the Dark Lord Cyclops. Still lord and master of the Anti Squirrel League and Keeper of c

I'm from Glasgow and hopefully will be going to Glasgow Uni next year.
I also like quotes by big Fred (Nietzsche)
Do you like my fish? smiley - fish

What about this one? smiley - fish

or this? smiley - fish

They took me ages to catch.

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