A Conversation for h2g2 New Users

Hi Everyone

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Hi Just testing

Hi Everyone

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Jim Lynn

Hi Artman, welcome to the site.


Hi Everyone Again

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Marty De Facto

Heya everyone, Field Agent Marty De Facto (26368) reporting for duty!
Hope to help out any way I can!

Hi Everyone Again

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howdy folks, just gettin' started too

Hi Everyone Again

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Wisecat is logged-on and ready to go, sending out word of wisdom to the galaxy: Success is a journey, not a destination!

Hi Everyone Again

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looks like this could turn into somthinginteresting ...or not
alt.h2g2.? maybee ...or did someone do that already ?

Hidelee ho

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Hello...this looks like it could be fun...

Hidelee ho

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Hopefully this guide gets off the ground. It should, since it is the "official" one. It looks like an interesting place anyway. I'll be posting stuff.

Getting off the ground

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This _is_ a web board, so I changed the subject just to break all those developed usenet instincts.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello to all the other new users.

Hi Everyone

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[email protected][email protected]!

Wow! Hello! Boy am I lucky! It said I past the test to become a researcher! Wow! I'm honored to be among the best of our planet!

any one out there?

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It's my first day as a researcher, a friend recommended this site and it's pretty good! Watch for my rants, and talk back won't you?

Hi Everyone

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Man in Brown 29906

At last, a book full of unbias, factual infomation on the true state of the universe (well until those clownes at Terminus do a Enciplopedia Galactica for Dummies).

strange people

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There are manny illiterate people out there aren't there. I hope you get your spelling right at
work/school/college/home etc. I too have just joined and I think it's the best site ever!

Hi Everyone

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Greetings to all multi-legged sentients* out there. Agent 29986 reporting for duty.

(* I never really did like the Monopedal Hopdogs of Syrius IX - such messy eaters on the move...)


strange people

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"manny illiterate people"

Indeed there are.



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Can't you hear the millipedes?


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Researcher 28992

Fun & Laughter with a towel!

Hi Everyone

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I just thought i'd say Hi! I wonder how many people registered during TW yesterday? I had awful trouble even getting the home page to load! ='.'=

Hi Everyone

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Hi Cat, I tried to log on last night but I theink the servers were down!! Still here I am now! loadfing time is a bit slow but not to bad at the moment. What prompted you to join the club?

Hi Everyone

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I'm a fan of the HitchHiker book, and DA's other writing, so I tried to log on as soon as I saw the piece on TW.

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