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Neural Networks

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I've been under CBT which count as its aims the goal of changing/building nn's. The thing is, I think it's worked, because although I've always been introspective, I've now become more intra-personally skilled. What good that'll do in the long run remains to be seen, but I am now persuaing a career/life path as an artist, using a sensitivity (whereas before I was a humble button pusher).
There is much more to education than schooling and certificates, and much more to intelligence; it just requires you to keep your ears, eyes and mind open...

Neural Networks

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I am not disparaging neural nets as a technology, as I have said in the entry, they seem to work (to some extent) and can be translated into fuzzy logic higher level reasoning.

but they lack one hell of a lot to being a complete and usefull theory of intelligence. not that most of the others are much better.

what is this CBT which you have been involved in, as I am not familiar with that set of initials in this context.

I agree that there is more to education than schooling (I have a very low opinoin of the current educational methodology) and I also agree that there is more to intelligence.

do tell me more.

Neural Networks

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CBT = Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Though there may be another version of the TLA which was intended.

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