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missed the whole point and fun

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excuse me, this is my first post here so i may not be as accurate or as natural as expected but what is the point of researcing intelligence if you avoid all the fun, interesting, creative things in it.
the most imprortant things concerning intelligence is not the current usage and detection systems as you have highlited in the research. they are the development of intelligence, the affects and influence of it in a modern or a pre-historic society.
theories of intelligence should be the most comprehensive and researched subject. after all since intelligence is physically existing and yet abstract in defenition, no advancement can be made concerning the improvement of one's intelligence through medical or self-training methods.
I have a more to say on this subject but i don't have the current time to add it from my mind

missed the whole point and fun

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I agree, there should be a lot more about theories of intelligence, and also about animal intelligence, but trying to find the information is proving really difficult.

Any information which could be used to expand these two entries would be really helpfull.

ps. the reason that the other entries were assembled first is that they were in areas that were pretty easy to assemble the information for. As they have become ready for comment, and I have moved on to the harder areas, it has become increasingly difficult to find any helpfull information. therefore, any helpfull info is greatly received.

missed the whole point and fun

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more added, what do you think?

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missed the whole point and fun

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