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The date of the next h2g2 Meet has been revealed as 7th July 2001 and will take place in London. Click over to the the RSVP thread to sign up and visit the Oh Good! thread for general chit chat and speculation! A list of those already comitted to attending can be found on the Next Community Meet Up page.


Drop over to Am I celebrating my birthday? to wish Galaxy Babe a very happy birthday today!

Ever wondered if you shared your birthday with someone famous? Want to know when a friend on h2g2 celebrates their birthday, so you can arrange a surprise virtual party or just send them greetings through the h2g2 messenger service? (see below!)

Look no further! Some Bloke has a great series of pages which give you the information you seek! Just visit the All New Researchers' Birthday Page.

h2g2 Site Re-Design

Now is your chance to have your say and possibly influence the look of h2g2! Check out the Site Re-Design forum and tell the h2g2 team of your usage and ideas. While you're there, why not say hello to nat_.... who is new to h2g2, but also the designer assigned to the task of project h2g2!

Hermes Messenger Service

Do you want to send anyone on h2g2 a declaration of love, anonymous or otherwise, a birthday greeting or any other message? If so, why not visit the Hermes Messenger Service. All requests will be considered and forwarded to user pages within h2g2.

The Musehome

The Musehome auction is still in full swing at the Polyhymnia Speech Hall.

The current item up for grabs still appears to be a charming, singing Purple Frog

Iris Cafe

The Iris Cafe has JUST opened its
doors!!! Not only does the Iris Cafe offer a colourful atmosphere, but also 'Truly Inspired Food'. Why not check out if they have your favourite meal there?

The h2g2 Soapbox

Are you confused/upset/delighted with the changes at h2g2 since its return under the auspices of the BBC? Do you want to make a point? If so, pop along to the Community Soapbox and make your views known! This is THE place to use as a springboard to the most vibrant chat on h2g2.

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All entries for this feature should be mailed to shazzPRME. Please mark the subject 'Announcements'.

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