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Now that we're part of the BBC we have access to the talented Beeb web design team1. Hurrah! Because we always involve Researchers in the h2g2 decision making process, we've decided to run a Talking Point to discuss the re-design, specifically how the appearance and navigability of h2g2 can be improved.

Before you all rush in and demand that we add a Don't Panic button, please note that we've already suggested it for you down at the bottom of the page. We're looking at the possibility of creating a dedicated Hitchhiker skin, but this is not what we are talking about here, so please, no requests for black buttons with black text that light up in black when you press them...

Secondly, please note that any new designs will be in addition to the existing skins, Goo and Alabaster; we're not going to replace them, we're just adding to the range.

What we'd Like to Know

So how can you help us? We'd like to know the following, but please feel free to add anything that you think might be relevant.

Usage Habits

  • Which skin do you use most often, Goo or Alabaster, and why?

  • How many times a week/month do you visit h2g2?

  • How long do you spend on h2g2 per session, on average?

  • Per session, how many times do you visit the Front Page?

  • Which page(s) on h2g2, if any, have you added to your favourites or bookmarks list? Have you added the Front Page, your Personal Space, or any other pages?

  • Which of the buttons in the toolbar/goo do you use most? Which do you use least? Please post to this Conversation with the buttons in order of usage, putting the button you use most as number 1, and going to number 11 for the button you use least.

  • How often do you use the h2g2 search engine? What are you most likely to be searching for? A particular Guide Entry? Something interesting to read? A friend? An old Conversation?

Your Space

Do you have any suggestions for improving the appearance or functionality of the following?

  • Your Personal Space
  • Your Journal
  • The Conversation section on your Space?
  • The Guide Entry sections on your Space?


  • When you're reading Conversations is there anything you think could be improved in terms of design or functionality?

Any Other Comments?

Those are the basic areas of discussion, but would you like to add any other comments? Anything that you'd particularly like to see or would find incredibly useful?

Tell us what you think and help us to improve h2g2!

1Nat may join in the conversations here. He's been tasked with the h2g2 project, so please welcome him to the Conversations... but go easy on him, 'cos he's a newbie here!

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