The Land of Peace formerly known as The Land of Nowhere

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Welcome one, welcome all

An iguana

Here in the Land of Nowhere, now known as The Land of Peace, you can relax and toss aside your worries. You can chat, talk nonsense, joke, whatever. Anything goes!

Here there is no crime because nothing can be found to steal. If you are here you are nowhere so no one can bug you but everyone else can't 'cause they can't find you. An ambassador was appointed from The Alabaster House and she has been welcomed. Ambassador Eternity pops in quite often to visit.

A black and white duck in front of a plant with butterflies fying above

A special tree has been planted in the middle of the garden in memory of our friend,the creator of h2g2, Douglas Adams.

The lounge has been built complete with bar. Visitors may help themselves to a drink and then relax and chat about anything or nothing.

A long-haired lady rising from a starlit lake

Visitors may wander into the garden and plant seeds of their choice. A suggestion is that if someone has a joke to tell, plant the joke seed and soon we will have a colourful corner in the garden which will bring a big grin to the faces of all who pass by.

If you venture quietly into the garden at the golden hours of dawn, you may catch a glimpse of Adia, the garden fairy as she sows the sweet-smelling earth with cobweb strands of morning dew and the rarest of flower seeds.

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