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The BBC TV show. Article under construction.

Room 101 was the room in George Orwell's 1984 which contained "the worst thing in the world". The BBC1 have taken this concept and turned it into a TV show in which various celebreties talk about things that they hate.

The show was originally hosted by Nick Hancock and is currently hosted by Paul Merton

Memorable guests have included Will Self, Nick Hancock (or PM's first show), and Stephen Fry

H2G2 Room 101

Post suggestions to the coversations to this forum and I'll consider adding them to the H2G2 room 1012

Obviously anything banished to room 101 can never escape and so must never be discussed on H2G2 again

Suggestions to consign the moderators to room 101 will be regarded as a vicious and unprovoked attack on people doing their best at a difficult job3.

  • Jeremy Beadle - Nominated by Dinsdale Piranha
  • Phlegm - Nominated by gyllzd
  • Trekkies (but not Trekkers- Nominate by Red Dog - Keeper of the ANNOYING HABIT OF WRITING ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS (part-time) and Muse of Doodling (but not scribbling)
  • SClub7 - Nominated by threeoftwo:- Alright, already!!!
  • Microscooters - Nominated by stercusstercusstercusmoritussum
  • Celery - Nominated by the other omylouse
  • People who have absolutely no idea of how to walk on a pavement on a busy London Street - Nominated by Ashley
  • People who insist on driving at 55 miles an hour on the motorway - Nominated by Livzy . However people who insist in driving at 54 miles an hour on the motorway are not banished to Room 101.
  • Breakfast DJs4- Nominated by Sue
  • Pokemon - Nominated by Dastardly
  • "Foil wrapped for freshness" chocolate bars smiley - choc
    - Nominated by Dastardly accompanied by crocodile ___""""" *vvvv
  • Adverts on local radio stations - Nominated by Lee "Petit" Prince
  • H2G2 Room lovely

    A suggestion made by Stephen Fry on BBC's Room 101 was that there should be a show called Room Lovely that was filled up with nice things.

    So suggestions for room lovely posted here will be added

  • Douglas Adams - Nominated by just about everyone I'm sure
  • Monty Python - Nominated by gyllzd
  • Babylon 5 - Nominated by Zathras.
  • Cheese - Nominated by Dastardly
  • The Natural World - Sort of Nominated by Archangel Galaxy Babe ACE{U128652}{1+28+6+5+2=42!}
  • Strawberry Jam - Nominated by Dastardly
  • Bacon Sandwichs - Nominated by Transmission
  • HAL 9000 - Nominated by TowelMaster(ACE)
  • 1 Interestingly the origins of Room 101 was at the BBC anyway. Room 101 was the room of a senior BBC program editor who often rejected/edited Orwell's work. Orwell to his (literary) revenge by making the editors room be an evil place.2All Zathras's decisions are final, even when he changes them3 Doesn't mean they won't go in though 4With the possible exception of Terry Wogan who is just on the brink because the denizens of the BOF inn would probably be lost without him.

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