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What's another year

To someone who's getting used to being alone?

Now I'm not exactly alone, there's my family and friends, but I'll have to wait for another year before I can meet my hootoo friends again. Why is it that a year that lies before you seems to be endless, while a year you're looking back on seems to have passed in no time at all? I guess there is no other way to explain it than quoting Douglas Adams, h2g2's founder:

Time is an illusion.

Lunchtime doubly so.

You're probably all aware of the fact that h2g2 is ten years old now. Site improvements always take their time, but thanks to some very active volunteer groups, such as the h2g2 AViators, and the great support by our Italics Natalie and Derek and probably damnyoureyes, there has recently been a breakthrough: video clips can now be embedded in Edited Guide Entries!

However, that isn't all. The site will get a new design, and your opinion and ideas are wanted in the Talking Point - h2g2 Redesign. The eds are very busy reading all comments and replying to everybody. If you haven't already done so, please let them know what you think.

And what's going on in the Post Office?

  • Bad news: lil is in hospital and had an op done.
  • Good news: she seems to be recovering well after some initial problems.
  • Our globetrotters Malabarista and King Bomba are back at their respective homes, and we're looking forward to a full report with photographic evidence of their travels; hopefully in the next issue.

And then there are the Post articles which require your involvement, like the current Entry of the Month and the latest Stretcher; both of which need your votes. Then there's the planned next Whatever Next which really needs some of you writing folks!

If you prefer to draw, have a look at the project Malabarista is launching in this issue (Around the Day in 80 Worlds).

You can see that we at the Post Office never sleep, but we need your assistance if we want to keep the Post a place for new and exciting ideas as well as for all the brilliant articles of our loyal and long-standing authors and artists!

I haven't come across anything funny lately, so there'll not be a LotD this time. If you come across something funny, why don't you tell me?

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