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For all her super-powers, her Poetry Beam and her Shield of Literary Taste, where would Poetry Woman be without her faithful sidekick... Haiku Girl?

So what does she look like?

She's short (well, they're only three lines long, right?), and immaculately clad in her red cape, knee high black boots, short swirly red skirt, and black leotard (emblazoned with HG of course), her auburn curls never out of place, she fights the forces of evil with her Blade of Brevity, protected by her formidable Syllabic Shield.

So what are her superpowers?

She can count up to seven faster than a speeding bullet, and slash tall epics in a single bound. Indeed, a force to be reckoned with. She hopes one day to reach the dizzy heights of Really Bad Haiku, and can often be found here

Haiku Girl, is, of course, part of C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S (Certified Heros Opposed to Perilous Pernicious Evil Rats from Stumped), the H2G2 Guild of Superheros.

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