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leaving the abys

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Sometimes it feels a bit frightening to climb up the abyss, I was in.

For the higher I get, the more sharp becomes the picture of the immens depth of the pit where I was during the passed months.

There seems to be just óne formula; looking foreward into the future,
and later on - when I am stable/ balanced enough - I might
look around my back, if I need to do so, to finally let it become history.

This "formula" aks a lot of self-discipline, because depression álso
has a tendensy of becoming addictive and to create its own sphere of "warmth and safety", even if you would wish not to live another day.

And the higher I climb, the harder the fall will be, if I might glide away in the horrible abyss.

But these are the rules of life, if I want more then just to exist.

So it is more then just the discipline of looking foreward, but also going up step by step and leaving the false cocoon of melancholy.

I hope that publicly writing this down is not to big a step, for me.

Well, o.k.
I haven't written anything.
I was just walking in my own sleep smiley - smiley

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leaving the abys

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