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Tips for kicking depression

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I went through the hell of depression several years ago, and found out the hard way it is not easy to get rid of. I did find some things that help though, and if you do them enough, you will eventually find yourself in a much better place. Here they are:

1. Reaslize that no matter how bad it might seem at the moment, it is NEVER permanent. You weren't always depressed, and because you weren't always depressed, that means you also know how to be happy too, right? So, list down as many things that you can think of that make you really laugh, or make you feel appreciated, loved, respected, etc. Make it a huge list and then try to get the feelings from the thought (keep delving deeper into each one until you start to feel the emotion behind the thoughts).

2. I found humour a great coping mechanism. I have a huuuge comedy collection now on purpose. Admittedly it takes a little while to get yourself to laugh again when your chin is on the ground, but stick with it, and slowly the thin forced smile will trickle into a snicker, then a grin and pretty soon loud guffaws - just keep finding stuff that makes you laugh.

3.St. John's Wort - nature's happy pills. Be careful with these if you are on medicines, particularly anti-depressants, and ask a doctor. But I can tell you, these little pills lift your mood without making you feel thick in the head like the drugs do.
Valerian also helps you sleep.

4. Herbal teas - particularly Chamomile and Peppermint. Go to a health food shop and get the actual tea, and never tea bags. The natural oils work best when they are unprocessed. Substitude these for coffee and tea.

5. Self-Hypnosis. There are some excellent cds available now that really help, and I would recommend them. At the very least, they help you to relax and sleep.

6. MOST IMPORTANT: Get around happy, positive people and copy their mannerisms. Its amazing how we pick up the subtlest things from those we associate with. Avoid negative, pessimistic people or those who tell you to snap out of it.

7. Read positive self-help books. I read oodles of stuff to make myself feel better and it worked brilliantly.

I really hope these suggestions help. These are things I did to get out of a depressed state and cure panic attacks, and they worked. Try 'em. It takes time to get through this state and there are no quick fixes, but you can get your life back believe me - I did.

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Tips for kicking depression

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