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We've all seen him; we've all partaken of his Brownies. Now, the Marv speaks as never before...

Marv the Grate is the youngest sibling in a family of six. He currently resides in SLC UT and is a pro networking comp geek. A 15 year old tabby cat named Tigger allows Marv to share his home with him in exchange for complete loyalty. He enjoys driving his 78 jeep j-10 pickup truck complete with gun rack, mud flaps and a computer geek window sticker.

Marv explains to me that for him the secret to happiness is a cold beer. He greatly enjoys drink and food. Marv takes enormous pleasure in sitting over a plate of chilli, a steak or a good salad. He describes himself as a lover of fine foods, and adores cooking. Just don't ask for recipes 'cos he never makes it the same way twice (I can tell you, however, that he does give out a 'killer' green chilli recipe). But one of his favourite things to do is go shoot some billiards and drink a good Corona.

Marv was drawn to h2g2 while on the mailing list for Starship Titanic. He received an email describing a website created for the Guide. Being a huge DNA fan he wasted no time popping over to see what all the fuss was about. It did not take long (about a microsecond at the most) for him to make the leap and join in this grand new site. After lurking in the shadows for a few weeks he began making posts. To the best of Marv's memory it started with a post about ESP. Upon finding the Beer Forum, he really began to sink his teeth into the Guide.

After being here for some time now Marv finds that one of the things he loves best about the site is the diversity of the people on the guide. He enjoys never knowing who is going to log on next, or whom he is going to have the pleasure of speaking with at any given moment. He has made friends in Australia, England, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Ireland and all over the US. When he can find the time (between work and obeying the cat) he also enjoys writing and letting people know about the world, as he perceives it. When asked about what he was unhappy with and would like to see changed, Marv stated that he would love to be able to give them a 'very' big internet pipe. Being in the US he finds himself getting slow responses some of the time and the graphics also tend to make the loading time a bit long for his taste. (Though I can tell you that after this past Friday, the increased speeds and load times thanks to the wonderful staff at TDV may pleasantly surprise him)

I wanted Marv to tell you all a bit about his wonderful site on h2g2 where everyone can freely worship the 'Great Brownie' and this he did quite well. He explained that the CotTB is a place where you can come and worship the goodness of the Brownies. It consists of a whimsical group of people that live their own way and have a lot of fun. He began it after describing it to our beloved mayor Fenchurch over ICQ. It has grown to boast over 70 members and he finds that it has taken on a life of its own. He never knows what is going to happen next. Marv is quite proud of how it has turned out and, even though he doesn't get to post to it every day, he does keep an eye on it just to see what the members are up to now.

I was a bit curious as to what his funniest experience on h2g2 was so far, and he replied by telling me that he thinks the times that he has logged on after coming home drunk from a late night at the bar had to 'take the cake'. This has happened more than once and it is always a great laugh for him when he gets to come back in the next evening and read the results of his drunken rants.

Now, for any of you who have never visited The Church of the True Brownie I suggest you do so now... and remember to bring offerings, and that blonde brownies are evil things ;-).


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