The Dragon House Council Room

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The Council Room

A richly decorated room, with gold, silver, and other precious metal ornaments. Many stones, gems, and expensive glass making the room glitter. Rare and expensive paintings cover the walls. At each window hangs two gold-threaded red silk curtains. There are fineries from many cultures and tribes through-out the world. There is a semi-circle of tall, attaching desks for the council members. There is also a similar (but shorter) group of desks attached to its base, for the seating of allied ambasadors. There are more desks facing the Council desks, used for talking to ambasadors from other groups. There is a balcony for the peanut gallery to watch for a price (one way for the House to recieve its gold).

Council Leaders

Dragon Praetoria: Head Dragoon Anole

Dragon Matriarch: Supreme Matriarch DragonQueen

Dragon Scribe: Dmitrigheorgheni

Dragon Head Magus: Jack Blaze

Dragon Special Forces: Dragoon Galigan

Chief Magical Weapons Expert Tavaron

Protector of House Wisdom: Bunnyfrog

Dragon Acquisitor Elektragheorgheni

Head Ambassador and recruiter Eddie

Dragon Head Inquisitor Leader: Kitush

Head Dragon Cook: DC Spoogleflop

Head Dragon Seer: Firey Opaleye

Head Animal Trainer: Tom

Dragon House Founder: Draco, Supreme Dragon Lord

Below is the old Dragon Council. These are the people who ran the Dragonhouse and represent it on all official business. Sadly they have all disappeared into the aether. The last to do so was Draco, original founder of the Dragonhouse.


Draco Scriba: The Wargamer

Draco Praetoria: Dragon

Draco Rex: Draco, Supreme Dragon Lord

Draco Magus: Iyandes


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