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Every day five new approved entries are recommended on the h2g2 Main Page. These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out the best entries of the week... oh how many of them there are!

Well, it's nice to be back in the New Year after that skipped issue. Because of that, this week's article is extra long and covers the recommendations of the last fortnight. Not only that but during this fortnight there have been many great entries! Well, here goes...

  • Pareto Optimization, Pareto Optimality and The Pareto Conjecture is my definite favourite of the week. So short, so concise yet so entertaining...for me at least! So easy to review and the content is great. Go get it!

  • Central Place Theory as a Measurement of Beach Popularity is a fantastic read... don't let the length of the title put you off! I've never seen such a ridiculous use of a fine theory but it should work. Question is, who will program such a simulation program?

  • The Spork tells of the object of objects, the cutlery of cutlery, the cutlery of KFC. Well, it's a great read... but that applies to anything involving sporks!

  • Insanity Prevention instructs how to test out insanity... I think this author has tried it once too often!

  • Beer Bottles points out the great waste capitalism has made through this simple object.

  • Bulletproof Glass describes exactly how one-way bullet proof glass works. Nifty and entertaining.

  • Katonah, New York, USA describes the hamlet beautifully and in an informative yet humorous way. It also points out what to do while there and Katonah's highlights (if any). The history of the hamlet is also told well. Yes, a great location related entry... they do exist!

  • Groundhog Day tells of this (thank God) American event. I've never understood it 'til now. Yes, Weather Predicting is what the poor creature is doing while being stared at by hoards of relentless humans.

  • Swearing is a great article finally promoting the subject. I'm not too sure about absolute free speech but I think swearing is useful in the right situation. It's a much better way to channel anger than violence or suppression. Definitely worth reading.

  • Classic Children's Toys brings back those old memories. Remember all those toys you had? This article describes all of the classic toys we see of so little these days. Let the nostalgia flow and reminisce away...

  • Satanism finally dismisses many myths associated with the religion. Although I agree with many ideas of Satanism I think our society (yes, I used the S word again!) needs a basic code of morals. Like Satanism, I see the hypocrisy of the religions... ok, I'm ranting now, best carry on...

  • Doors is a great article about those funny things that block holes in walls. It describes each type of door and how one should confront it.

  • Light Bulbs briefly explains the object in a 'light' (pun alert!) way. At the same time it complains about hangovers and even throws in a safety tip. Marvellous!

  • Light Bulb Jokes plugs (another pun) straight into the Light Bulbs entry. It explains how the jokes work and has a few good examples. If only there were more... oh wait! There are! Just check out the attached forum. Oh Bliss!

  • The Bizarre Australian Competitions is a fascinating entry on those rituals performed down there. Yes it is interesting what us Homo sapiens come up with when exposed to sunlight for long periods ;-).

  • The Uncle Sam entry tells of an interesting theory of the origin of the character. It also links to a picture of the great 'I want YOU!' poster and other Uncle Sam paraphernalia. Hmmm... so there really was an Uncle Sam...

  • Beach Cricket describes this fun-sounding variation of the game with understandable rules! The main reason why it is so easy to grasp is because there is no tedious scoring... Hoorah! A great game to play next time you're down by the sea.

  • Hitchhiking describes the activity perfectly. It also provides great tips for the inexperienced hitchhiker and exactly what gender one should be while hitchhiking. I wonder where the writer got his inspiration from...

  • New Age explains exactly what the concept means and what it relates to. Seems like the same list can fall under 'spirituality'!

  • The Netherlands is a good description of the country. I never knew it had such a big population! An entertaining read though it tends to promote the train system a little too much for my liking.

Other good entries worth a look.

Other articles worth a mention this week.


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