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Le Procopio Restaurant Pizzeria Glacier, Saintes, France

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Down one of the narrow cobbled side roads in the historic town of Saintes, France, one can find Le Procopio Restaurant and Pizzeria1. Apparently the restaurant was named after the first ice cream parlour in France, Les Procops, opened to supply ice cream to Marie Antoinette. The restaurant is highly recommended, since the pizza is the best ever, whilst the service and presentation are truly excellent.

You can sit outside in the narrow street, but it is actually quite a big restaurant, very attractively decorated with a galleried upstairs seating area. The pizzas are cooked in the central part of the restaurant and they were quite happy for patrons to wander in and watch the pizza chef at work.

The food is excellent. For example, the calzone pizza - folded in half and filled with melted cheese, ham and mushrooms - is crisp on the outside, but light and moist and steamy on the inside, and has a subtle touch of thyme. It's large and really generously filled, so you might find that it's difficult to finish, even after a hard day's travelling.

And the desserts! Order a chocolate mousse or a ChocoChoc ice cream. The mousse comes in a huge bowl, and is probably nearly a pint of delicious dark rich chocolate mousse, an experience which lends itself to sharing with friends and family, while the ice cream is a beautifully presented sundae with chocolate ice cream and warm chocolate sauce with chocolate wafers and chantilly cream and strawberries. Mmmm!

Three pizzas, one tuna pasta and two desserts costs around 334 French Francs. A nice bottle of house wine costs 65 French Francs. Which works out at approximately £12 a person.

Le Procopio Restaurant Pizzeria Glacier
5, Rue de la Comedie
17100 Saintes

1Often when traveling down similar side roads, one will find a restaurant of such quality, so give them a try!

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