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Rhosgadfan 12000

The start of the h2g2 2000 games is heralded by a figure ambling up to a podium with a lit lighter in her hands, she nonchalently lights the gas lamp on the podium and jumps back as a vast wall of flame springs up. She starts as an enormus orchestra are lowered into the stadium and play dramatic music a metre from her ear. She claps her hands over her ears in shock as a batteryy of fireworks explode into the starry night sky.

The athletes parade in dressed in a variety of 'national' costume and wave to the audience who are applauding as loud as loud can be.

The Events

These can be any that you'd like to add- here's a few we've thought of:

  • The getting lost in the wood time trials- the longest wins, if we can find them in time for the medal ceremony
  • The deckchair gymnastics- putting up 10 deckchairs in a row then putting them down again, marks out of 10 for style, wierd positions, lack of injury to self or deckchair and time taken.
  • Splashing about in the shallow end of the pool in armbands- points given for amount of splashing and nearly drowning.
  • The beer drinking marathon- the 26 pub crawl, can you make it standing up?
  • The space hopper road race- bounce along for a mile.
  • Falling over- can you fall over for your country?
  • Musical chairs- one too few chairs for the contestants, when the music stops the one left standing is out.

The Contestants

You can represent yourself, your 'real' country, an h2g2 group or institution.
To compete start a thread in the name of the game below.

The Rules

To be made up by the International Olympic Committee; Technoyokel and The Lord High Wombat of Glee. No argument about our decisions (well I suppose you can if you want).


The IOC will provide these if necessary- just visit the Drug store below.

1 Why not Rhosgadfan? We've got lottery funding and lots of abandoned slate tips as stadia

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