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I noticed that all the responses were rather old, not that I believe our answers change much over time.smiley - ok

Are supermodels too thin?
I know what supermodels are, and what thin, means, but I'm having a hard time with 'too'. Thin is a relative term in any case.
'Too thin', implies that being less thin is advantageous in some way; so, unless their health is endangered (on a case-by-case basis), I'd have to say no.

Is there an idealised view of beauty?
There are many, and they change over time. Ruben's rounder models were the ideal of the time. Whether the supermodel ideal is healthier or not, I'm not sure.

When does the need for plastic surgery become an obsession?
That is also case-by-case. Not everybody feels a need for plastic surgery; although some of us seem obsessed about whether or not others have gone under the knife. Overall, I've presumed that it's when one has extreme self-esteem problems, finds that they yearn for the attention that surgery gives them, or just really, really likes anaesthetics.

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to go under the knife?
Any circumstances you deem acceptable, as long as there are not psychological problems involved in the decision. What one person finds acceptable in a nose, may not suit another; but I doubt that anyone would be totally happy with a walnut sized facial growth on their forehead.

Is personality really more important than first impressions?
I'm presuming the question means to ask about first visual impressions. It certainly can be. In a digitized or virtual world, like the internet, our first impressions are created by how we 'see' personalities. Ultimately, personalities will do more to make people want to maintain relationships than simple physical impressions.

What can we do to avoid going under the surgeon's blade?
Stay healthy and just say 'no'. Not easy things to do, always.

What would you have done?
Corrections of obvious physical defects that impair my comfort in social situations (Thankfully, I haven't any that do that); or repair damage caused by fire, accident, bear attack, etc. (Also, said with fingers crossed.)

Why are some people so vain?
Certainly there are surgery addicts, where the addiction may have originated with vanity, but most vanity is a hold-over, default-state normally reserved for young children. Kids naturally feel that they are the center of the universe, and have a me-me-me attitude. It's not until we begin to mature that we start to look outside ourselves and consider putting others' need ahead of our own. Some just never mature to that point, where they are willing to consider others as important in at least some situations.

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